Employee State Insurance Corporation maternity  amount increased to 7500 

          Today I would like to tell you about ESIC scheme.  ESIC is a State Insurance Scheme. Not everyone can join this insurance plan.Rs Rs 5000 received by the mothers. It has been increased to Rs 7500 instead of Rs 2500 for mothers. The notification issued by the Ministry of Labour and employment on Monday. benefit is available to those who are members of ESIC.

                        The scheme is called the employees State Insurance Corporation. This benefit was available to pregnant mothers who are members of the ESIC. Earlier  the financial assistance was Rs 5000. It has now been raised to Rs 7500.

          If they come to a situation hospital where there is no maternity facility without ESIC dispensary facilities,  they will get 7500 instead of 2500. As per rule 56 of 1958, RS 5000 was amended to Rs 7500. A Final Decision will be made within 30 days after considering the pros and cons.

              Only shops or company with a minimum of 10 to 20 employees can join this scheme. There are many benefits  to joining this scheme. The employees in this case will get the three months salary if they lost their job.

            If you have to go to a private hospital for an emergency,  you can get a good treatment. If the employee dies, their relatives will receive 90 %of their monthly salary. People with salary  less than Rs 20,000 can join the scheme.

              Now increase the Maternity expenses to an insured woman or insured person for his wife under ESIC Health Insurance Scheme,  to Rs 7500 from RS 5000.

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