Electronic ration card through Akshaya centres

        The ration card is an important document for any benefits in the state . Those who do not have a ration card lose a lot of benefits during this period . As far as people who have  not applied for a ration card, we have a situation where we can apply through Akshaya centres without going to taluk offices, get ration card from the Akshaya Centres. Similarly in this time of covid-19 ,buying ration share not through biometric processing, OTP come to the phone registered with the ration card.

         It is now possible to edit those who do not have a phone and  do not add a phone number to the ration card and use a non active phone number. Similarly people who have not received free kits can now purchased the kit  through supplyco. This benefit is available from June 10 to 15.

            As a  result, the state government has decided to make electronic ration card through Akshaya Centres. Its initial inspections and other proposal were from the government. Applications can be made at Akshaya centres and after completing the verification from the taluk offices,  it is possible to print the same through Akshaya centres as electronic ration card.

         Minister of food Public Distribution p. Thilothaman has been informed.  We will soon start accepting such applications . We don’t need to go to taluk offices. Akshaya centres only  charge a processing fee of Rs 25. The state government has spent around Rs 756 crore on Kit distribution. Supplyco has shifted free kits from the ration shops 

          People who want to receive the kit can  go to supplyco with a ration card from June 10 – 15. At  present, ration share can be received through OTP. If you want to change the registered number, you can change it through the Akshaya centres. It is approved by supplyco officials . After that you will get the OTP to new registration number. Please share this information to others.

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