Electric, plumbing  materials at half rates in kerala 

     Electrical and plumbing materials  are very important  in Construction  of a house. Electrical  materials are used for electrical  installation. And it is used to control current flow in electrical  circuits.Electrical materials  like circuit  breaker used to protect electrical  appliances  .It prevents  damages.Insulators used to prevent getting  electric  shock while operating  appliances, convenience  outlets,male plugs,switches, lamp holders,fuses,junction  box,flat cord,electrical wires,conduits,clamps, connectors are main electrical  materials. 

       Plumbing materials  are very important  in a house.Quality plumbing  materials is essential  to keep the integrity of the system and secure accommodation and safety. It makes sure that water comes in and out of your house properly. Faulty pipes cause leakage in the house.

      We can see a place where we get electric and plumbing materials  at low cost. It is in Trade house,Edat,Payyanur,  kannur.we will get quality  orient fan at Rs 2900.we can buy all switches  at half rates. We can see remote controlled lights. All fans have half rates. Handmade sinks are also available. 

   There are a lot of collections  of materials here.Sanitary wares are also available. They are the direct dealers of poly cab wires. All types of variety lights are here. Panels lights are available.  Bulbs are started at Rs 15. Outdoor and indoor wall lights are available. They give a 35% discount. 

      Pergola lights are available.  These have Rs 150. 2w,3w,5w pergola lights are available. All branded lights are here. We will get remote controlled lights. A lot of fans are here. Fans started at Rs 1600.wall fans were Rs 2400.orient, polar,crompton multipurpose branded fans are available .Stair lights are started at Rs 5500.Jaquar branded lights are available. Central Wall lights are available.

      We can buy polycab wires 90 meter  at Rs 1050. Do not use local wires. We can use poly cab quality  wires.  V guard wires are also available. We can buy switches  from at Rs 14. Legrand,Land T,MCV  branded items are available. All premium  items are available here. We can buy switches  at half rates. We will get a 5 year warranty in dimmers. We will get Salazar switches at Rs 39.

     Schneider switches  are available  at Rs 35.  LAnd T autostart protection  device is available.  It is an imported device . It has Rs 3100.Gold medal materials  are available  here. You must select quality  premium  products. 

     Quality  plumbing  fittings are available here. Star Braz tap items are here. It has a 40 % discount. Handmade sinks are available. High tech soap dishes are available. ARK branded tap items available.  These all are premium products. Wash basins start at Rs 1000.losets starts at Rs 5500. Star branded materials  have a 35% discount. 

       Pumps Started at Rs 2500. All branded  pumps  are available. V guard high pressure  Car washer is available.  It has Rs 8500. Pressure  pumps are available. We can fit it on the first floor to shower. Home decor  interiors are available  here. Good quality  gripped mats are here. It has Rs 450.Rubber pressure mats are available. Cleaning brushes ,cleaners, block remover, bio green toilet cleaner,septic tank cleaner,mops,are available.  

     Indoor ceramic pots, flowers photos  are available. Glass background  photos are available.  Its price is Rs 600. Different  types of clocks, cabin basins are available.  Cabin basins are started at Rs 8500. 

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Trade house,edat,Payyanur, kannur




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