Electric  kits for converting petrol/diesel vehicles  into electric vehicles 


     Electric vehicles use chemical energy stored  in rechargeable batteries. These vehicles u se one or more electric motors for population. All electric  vehicles  run on electricity. Electric  cars are 100 % eco-friendly vehicles.These vehicles  are better than hybrid  vehicles. These vehicles  have many benefits  over petrol  or diesel cars. 

    The cost of electricity  we used is 40 % less than the cost of petrol for a similar  sized vehicle  driving the same distance. If you charge these vehicles  from the solar system,the cost will be lower.These vehicles  have fewer moving parts. Its batteries  do not degrade be.ow a certain  level for eight years.

     These vehicles  help to reduce  harmful pollution.It will lead to reduced  health problems. It also has less noise pollution. It reduces dependence on fossil based sources. The estimate for battery in new electric vehicles at 1,00,000 miles.These vehicles  don’t  require motor oil.It offers lower cost of ownership. We can drive electric vehicles  smoothly. 

      We can change our petrol/diesel cars to electric vehicles. We can use an electric  kit for it. Cars that run on fuel can be converted to electric and then recharged and used. We can recharge using a home charge port. This kit has been released by Northway Motor sport  company.mainly two types of electric  kits.we get 120 km range from one kit and 500 km range from second type of kit.

      We can use these kits in vehicles of houses and commercial  needs.It generates speed 80 km/ hr in commercial  vehicles and 120 km/ hr in private vehicles. We will get 120km in full charge of battery.5 to 6 hours needed for full charge of battery. 

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