Earn money online at home

          There will be a lot of apps on your mobile .Why are use these apps.. This apps  is to make your mind happy for at least some of the precious time .You are use these apps to interact with your friends and to grow your business . We do one thing while using these apps. Topics that interest our minds some we like ,share , dislike and comments. We do this as continuous . Here  the benefits for the content creators.

They create a content and put it in front of us. It becomes popular at the time of its interaction. Thereby earning them a good income .

        Can we get something when we share this kind of contents? There will be nothing. We don’t get anything whether we like it or not ,comment it or not ,copy it and  put it in the WhatsApp group . Our minds get a Joy. But the guy who created the video become popular .

       We can see an income earning application or website here .There are many ideas that  can make a lot of income. This is a simple thing for someone who is good at mobile operating. There is only little work . You will get good returns . The work must be done continuously . Dedication must be required . Leave it for 1 to 2 hour a day. We can earn upto Rs 1000 per day .

       The company’s name is Zagl.

website : http://bit.do/ registerfor2hourwork 

  • Click on this link .
  • Enter username, password and email ID .
  • Click register .
  • You can go to the Zagl website .
  • Click login button .
  • Enter into a  dashboard .
  • The article should be popular 
  • It should be the people want to see.

 How to work

  •  Select a popular video .
  • Copy it in URL.

1) Go to the YouTube thumbnail downloader website.

  •  Give the video link there .
  • You can get a full HD thumbnail.
  •  Just download it .
  • Save the page / take a screenshot in mobile.

2) bring the copied video link to visit Zagl and just to do the shorten.

  • You will get a  new link .
  • You will see “use this link on Facebook”. But don’t put it on Facebook .Facebook may be reject it .
  • You should copy this link and shorten   another one by bitly.
  •  Copy and paste the link.
  • 3) Text

 Write a Malayalam or Englishtext  from Google

4) social media

Select the social media to share Facebook ,Twitter, WhatsApp etc.


  • Add the Link in thumbnail ,complete content, link 
  • Click share button 
  • we can share to many groups
  •  if you get the of $10 for thousand views and $1000 for 10,000 views .
  • Working 2 hours everyday is enough.
  • This is a huge profit for housewife ,college students, government workers if they earn Rs 700 /day.

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