Earn from home using mobile 

          You can get well money from online . There are people who buyRs  50,000 ,Rs 1lakh, 1 1/2 lakh, 2 lakh . But it does have some conditions. If we get the money ,we must do the work. We just don’t get the money . Whatever job we have , we must have a qualification, we  have to apply for it, resume should be submitted, interview should be attended, then the company will verify us and get the job after the salary negotiation.

               Online job is for those who are going through the same process in serious. So if you own a laptop or mobile with Internet, you have thousand of YouTube channels, that tell you how to earn.

In this lockdown ,we want to introduce you to some of most trusted websites as well as few mobile apps.

                If you are a Photoshop designer ,go to a studio that is associated with Photoshop design and your salary is Rs 20,000. You can make Rs 50,000 to 1,00,000 if you can do this things at home on your laptop . Peoples in any field can get a job . You have to prove your ability. If you have skill and knowledge ,there are great chances to you in the online .

           Captcha typing is very free job without any knowledge .Either  you need to have a good knowledge or have an idea. If they give a photo and says you want to remove the background, but you don’t understand means you have no idea . When it says background removal, there are 100 background removal apps in Android. Downloading that app and once selected ,the background will be removed. In the past, went  to Photoshop and cut it properly If you have an idea of this background removing is a job . With the help of any website or Android app, you can remove the background, upload it and buy cash .

          PDF file is available for data entry. If they give you a hundred page PDF and told to put it into a word, there is an application PDF to Word converter. PDF converter to word, upload and receive cash. The PDF will have the names of hundred peoples and their details other than alphabetical order and the work they give us to give it alphabeticall. Ommediately convert to excel and upload . There is an online work for people, who have this idea .


  • Be serious.
  • Just upload and waiting for the approval.
  • Whenever you get a job ,you should respond it immediately.
  • Doing good to those who do.
  • Must have knowledge of English .


              It has a mobile app and website. It  is always best to do it on the computer. If done on mobile ,you should put it in desktop mode while taking Google Chrome.

  •  Login to the fiverr website .
  • There is a lot of chances.
  • Graphics and designs, digital marketing, writing and translation, video and animation, music ,programming and tech, business, Lifestyle, industry.
  • You can enter your full details in post request .(example : Background remover /data entry/ logo design /banner design/ mobile app ).
  • Before that, let’s check the other’s requests.
  • Once you give post requested,they will be back to give work request within 24 hours.
  • Let’s say our amount .
  • Work well in the smallest amount.
  • Doing so will increase the rating and get a lot of worse.
  • Increase the amount as working increases.
  • Start at  $5 per work.

 Other websites

  •  freelancer
  •  cheggIndia 
  • Guru
  • upwork
  •  essay writer 

There are many sites like this . Suppose you got a site other than this one. There is a little trick to finding out, if it is suitable to an online job. If they asked registration fees and advanced fees,that is fake. Never give cash back.

 Captcha typing

        When you  log into a website and give  your email id or password, they will give you a few words in order to prove that you are a human being. The human can readily. The robot cannot read. The captcha used to know the man  is using. This captcha is that you should type.

  •  This has very small income.
  •  Working from morning to evening ,you get a $5.
  •  You should type thousand capture, you get $1 .
  • captcha type, 2 captcha, captcha2cash are other websites. Some peoples are register this three captcha websites , s type and earn cash from it.

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