Early symptoms  of kidney disease

           In this time, increased  the number of kidney patients rapidly. It is most commonly seen in young peoples.Many people only know this after 2 kidneys have been damaged.With early detection and treatment we can control it.

                Let’s see how we can diagnose kidney disease. As soon as  kidney damage starts, our body parts showing many symptoms. The fact is that often we do not realize it. Today I would like to share with you the main symptoms of kidney diseases.

  1. Foam present in the urine, urinary tract infection 
  2. Swelling  on the face, under the eyes, hand and feets.
  3. Itching on the skin due to improper excretion of waste products from kidney.
  4. Fatigue. It is the first sign of kidney disease.
  5. Bad breathing. Smell of ammonia in the mouth as you speak, Tastelessness.
  6. breathing difficulty.
  7. Body pain
  8. Intermittent fever due to infection

Nausea, vomiting 

  1. Hypertension

 If you have  any of these symptoms, consult a nephrologist. Early detection and take treatment is better.

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