Early stage symptoms of stomach cancer

         Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in our body. Mainly cancer is several  types. The spread of cancer is very quickly. It makes blocks in our body. The number of Cancer patients during this period is increasing day by day. If left untreated,  it can lead to death. 

          Stomach cancer is one of the common causes of late detection. It is a good idea to seek the advice of a doctor if you have frequent heartburn and vomiting. Early detection and treatment can help you to some extent.  Today I would like to share with you the 10 main symptoms of stomach cancer.

1.Indigestion and heartburn 

       Acidity and heartburn is common after a meal. But it is dangerous to have  frequent acidity and heartburn. These may be the symptoms of a tumor in the stomach. The secretion from the tumor interferes with digestion.As the  tumor grows, it will block food in the small intestine. Therefore those who have frequent heartburn and indigestion, should avoid taking small doses of the remedies.  This is something that take you to the danger stage. 

2. Unreasonable weight loss

       Unreasonable weight loss is also a major symptom of stomach cancer. Inability to eat enough food and weight loss is a symptom of stomach cancer.  If you have weight loss, acidity, lack of appetite it may be best to see an oncology doctor right away. We often do not take this. If you have such symptoms it is best to avoid  self medication and see a good doctor.

3.feeling of fullness

              Symptoms include a feeling of fullness in the stomach after a light meal. One of the symptoms of disease that eating less seems to be enough. Lack of appetite is also a major reason for this.

4. Nausea and nasal congestion

               Vomiting is an important symptom of this. The food will be returned as a block somewhere in the stomach. Half digested food will come out when you’re vomiting. Frequent  runny nose is also a symptom of this cancer. The feeling that it comes up after eating is a symptom of tumor.

5. Laziness, weakness 

        Symptoms include fatigue and tiredness at work.

If you have any of these symptoms you should not stay at home with the home remedy and start the treatment with a good doctor.

6.  Constipation and discoloration of  stool 

          Symptoms may include constipation or diarrhoea with black stools.

7. Slight fever that comes and goes

          Fever is a symptom of an infection in the body fever can be caused by a tumor in the stomach and infection caused by it. Fever, fatigue and heartburn are important symptoms of stomach cancer.

8. Stomach pain

        Feeling of heaviness in the abdomen and lower abdominal pain is an important symptom of stomach cancer. Tell your doctor if you feel  thickness or swollen while pressing on your abdomen. It is the cause of stomach cancer. 

9. Difficulty in swallowing food

        Difficulty in swallowing food is more likely to occur when the disease is severe.

10.Blood with stool

             As each stage of the cancer progressess more symptoms appear. Blood in the stool is one of the most dangerous  symptom. This is because the tumor growth and causes internal bleeding. Bleeding may occur as the tumor enlarges and the blood vessels in the abdomen rupture.

If you notice any of these symptoms seek medical help immediately without thinking of neglect.  This is because all cancer can be cured quickly if treatment is started in the first stage.

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