Duel vessel filter – Importance, how to make it in our home  


      Duel vessel filtration  units are used for filtration functions. It is Mainly  used for polishing after diatomaceous earth filtering  to hydrocarbon removal.it handles contaminants of particulate 0q. Filtration process is stepped in stages. It has optimized functionality  and it reduces footprint while eliminating need for additional  processing equipment  in a wide range of filtration applications. It is proven to be an easy,reliable, effective  filtration  unit. It can be used individually or combined into fluid treatment  packages for use in applications  such as injection  water,oily water treatment,completion fluid filtration, waste water, we.. bore clean up fluid filter applications. 

      Wastewater Treatment  plants are very important. Because  it contains impurities that can be harmful  to humans,the environment  and animals. Media Filtration is a mechanical  process. It is used by waste water treatment  plants in our country. Here Mainly physical  and chemical absorption processes are used. The main stages are straining, interception, sedimentation,inertial compaction and diffusion. It is a good solution  for contaminated water. 

      It is excellently removed from turbidity,organic matter,,other impurities. Dissolved solids are partially removed  by this process. It is used in various water treatment  plants. In dual media filters water passes through  the media with smaller pores. Next layer removes particles with the help of adhesion, a straining  combination  feature of sand. In these filters  automatic back washing technique  is used . It helps maintain  unit efficiency. 

      We can see how to fit  dual vessel filters. It helps to get clean water to the water tank. We need some products for this process. We need two  62 liter vessels,two bottom strainer ,accessories, etc. We can fill one vessel with pebbles  and sands. Next vessel is filled with activated carbon. We can fill these materials  with the vessels. Before filling,fit the strainer into it. Take a pipe and fit the bottom strainer to it.It helps to lock the pipe.  Paste the bottom strainer  into the pipe with gum. We can clean it after weeks. 

       Fit it into the center of the  vessel. Mark the pipe and take 1 inch and cut the pipe well. Fit the top strainer  to MTV. Cover the top of the raiser pipe and fill the vessel with a reducer. Fill pebbles and sand in the  ¾ part of the vessel. Then fill the second  vessel with 25 kg  activated carbon.

       Fit a line from the motor  and connect the pipes from first vessel to second  vessel, then provide a bender and connect it to the tank. Connect two valves to close and wash after  2 years. You should buy a front phase valve mpv. We will get clean water to drink. It costs less than Rs 15000.

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