Distribution of Survival kit through ration shops till may 20th

 In the time of Covid19,it was decided to distribute free kits to all ration card holders. The survival kit includes 17 items in a variety of resources . Currently in the early stages, the distribution of priority categories to AY cards and then to BPL cards has been made. Most recently, as of its third phase ,the distribution was issued to Blue card holders. Distribution is now available to non APL subsidiaries ,white card holders. If  the card had been issued if the last number of the card was in order, then all such terms are omitted at these last moments.

       The survival kit is being supplied through ration shops until may  20th. So from Monday to this Wednesday, everyone is now allowed to buy ,the kit not  just the card number, now the order has been issued with the opportunity. If anyone can’t buy the kit ( AAY/BPL/ APL) no matter what category the card is, for those who cannot afford to buy under various circumstances, you can buy it now . Therefor you can go with the ration card without numbering and after the biometric authentication from the ration shops,  you can get free kits. By the may 20 th all the survival kits sitting in the ration shop will be shifted to supplyco and then we should contact supplyco.

     To avoid such risks, you should try now. So there is a lot of people who have given affidavits  because they have a portability system for kit distribution. Their kit will arrive in their mothers ration  shops. There is a difficulty in shifting such kits to the ration shop where you are applying . With a little more it is possible to delay. Its in fact has not yet been decided . Sometimes kits of those people can be obtained later from the supply officer. Please share this information to others. The last information we get is that after may 20, there will be no kit distribution through ration shops.

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