Distribution of 9 watt LED bulbs in Kerala

       Even in the time of this covid 19, we have received many benefits from the central and state governments. Today I would like to share with you an important information that  gives us so much joy. 

           Decisions to provide LED bulbs to household consumers as part of the filament  free Kerala project.This project is for replacing the incandescent lamps by LED bulbs.It is provided by KSEB. 

     9 watt LED bulbs are provided. This way we can save a lot of electricity.CFL s and incandescent bulbs will be collected to disposal.

      This benefit will available to about 13,00000 families. We can save a lot of electricity by replacing old filament bulbs in our homes with LED bulbs. It will start distribution in November. 

      Application for this have been received. We will apply according to the number of filament bulbs in our homes.

In the second stage others can also apply for it.Mainly LED bulbs will cut down the electricity bills.

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