Digital video recorder/ CCTV camera available at 500

CCTV cameras are a common Factor. CCTV means closed circuit television. It is a TV system in which signals are not publicly distributed, but monitord primarily for surveillance and security purposes. In old times CCTVs were small,low resolution ,black and white monitors with no interactive capabilities. But modern CCTV systems are higher resolution, coloured and can include the ability to zoom in on an image or track some of their features.

It has the facility to speak to people within range of the camera. CCTVs commonly used for different purposes. It helps to maintain perimeter security in medium to high secure areas. It is used to observe behaviour of incarcerated inmates and dangerous patients in medical facilities. CCTVs are commonly used for traffic monitoring. It is used for secure buildings and grounds. It is used to oversee highly radioactive or toxic industrial environments.

CCTVs are commonly used in law enforcement for everything from traffic observation, high crime areas etc. CCTV cameras work by monitoring ,recording video, images and transmitting them to monitor.It is used to prevent and investigate crimes. Cctv cameras are differ from broadcast CCTVs are used for surveillance of the public. In industrial plants,it is used to observe parts of processes from the Central control room. Sometimes it may operate continuously or sometimes it is required to monitor a special event. In advanced CCTV has digital video recorders. It is used for recording and it has quality and performance option,extra features.

Digital CCTV works differently. This network uses conversion software and hardware to convert to digital form. CCTV surveillance system preventing criminal activities. Different types of CCTVs are present in the market. Dome and Bullet camera. It helps to determine the illegal activities of criminals. By monitoring the activity of workers and visitors in the business sites. It is used to manage crimes, disasters etc. It helps to alert authorities immediately in case of any suspicious activities. The helps to monitor the interior and the exterior of a property transmitting the signal to monitor. It increases the security of a house.

We can see a low cost digital video recorder. It is a simple CCTV camera. We can use it in farms, godowns,sheds and temporary programs without is a low cost idea.we can use it in our houses and offices.we can use this camera with or without a camera.

You will get a 5 volt 2 amp USB charger,screws, wall plugs and user manual. It has holes to screw it. We can change the position of the camera easily. You should insert an SD card to it. You can use upto 32 GB SD can store 2weeks videos to it .Connect the power supply to it.

You can connect it to a USB cable.insert an SD card.connect power and change the position. You can use it without electricity. You can remove USB from the adapter and connect to a power can connect 20000 MAH power bank to can record and play this video easily. Remove the USB from the power supply and connect to a computer. You can see recorded videos on the computer.

You can see thes recorded videos on your phone. Remove the USB from adapter and connect through card meter, OTG and connect to mobile. You can see the files in the mobile. Select videos and you can see all recorded can see the recorded time also.This type of CCTV has Rs 500 to 700 in the market.

We can see another security camera, we can use 2AA battery to it. It has Rs has a dome shaped camera,screws. It has a battery socket. You can see a blinked LED. It’s a dummy. You can use it in crime areas.Different types of dummy cameras are available in the market. Bullet model dummy cameras are available. It is available from Rs 300.It has solar lights also.

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