Digital  health ID card – how to apply, importance  of this ID card, PHR address


     Health ID card is the ID provided by the central government to every citizen in our country. It is called a digital health ID card. It is the ABDM National digital health card. This health card contains all medical details of a patient. It is a 14 digit number created by NDHM to save our health records digitally. The purpose of this card is to identify persons by their health records. Another person will not have the right to access the medical record other than the card holder.

   The main documents are Aadhar card and mobile number. The main goal of this health card is to promote a digital India campaign. This card will be more useful as compared to the other offline health cards. Normally a person needs to carry all the documents regarding medicine in paper format to the  Hospital. But in a digital health card the candidate can carry the information digitally anywhere. This card includes every test,every disease,details of medicine, all the medical expenses , health records etc.

      All the details on health care service and the doctors will be present. You can download and register for the application, you will get health ID card benefits. The doctor can see your medical details anywhere ,anytime. Interested candidates can apply for this health card.

      We can register for an NDHM  Health card. Visit the official website  of NDHM. Select the create health ID  option. Click the link created via Aadhar card. Enter the Aadhar card number. Now your health ID will be created successfully. Save the ID card. It has a PHR (personal health records)address.   

     You can change the name . Enter the username in the PHR address. It lasted ndhm. We can use alphabets and numbers to it. Do not use special characters.we can give phr address to anywhere. We can download health ID cards. 

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