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Machines are equipped with moving parts that are designed to do a job.Machine are usually used for electricity,gas,steam in order to work.A machine is a physical system using power to apply force to perform an action. Machines are commonly artificial devices that employ engines and molecular machines. Machines can be driven by people, by natural forces, by chemical ,thermal or electrical power. It can include computers ,sensors,that monitor movements. Modern machines consist of structural elements, mechanisms and control components. Machines can be decomposed into simple movable elements. The purpose of machines is designed to reduce the force required to perform simple work. The force applied must act over a longer distance or period of time resulting in the same amount of work being performed by a smaller force.

We can see a place where we get all types of Machines at low prices. It is in a machine manufacturing factory, Ganga Agro, Coimbatore. We can see different types of Machines here. From a machine that wraps coconuts to a machine that grinds grass into fodder.we can purchase these machines and start self employment. You can make hen, duck and cattle foods with these machines. You can earn a good profit from this business. Different types of Machines are here.

Shetter com cow food cutting machine

It is used to cut grass easily using these machines.This machine is used to shedding purpose. It has large wheels. It has a safety rubber.They customise these machines. They provide small and large wheel machines. It has Rs 28,000 to 38,000.it is a high speed machine. You can use 2800 to 3300 rpm with this machine.you can cut 110/ hour.you can cut 700 kg with single phase.small size shedding available. You can fill the grass with this machine. You will get small pieces of food.They cut coconut straws to this machine and cut it into small pieces.it is a very useful machine .

Coconut wrapping machine

You can fill coconuts with this machine. It wrapped coconut easily. It has 360° wheels. You can move it anywhere. They customize these machines. You Can wrap all types of coconuts in theße machine. It has high efficiency. You can use it in homes, shops. They customize other facilities to these machines. It has Rs 99,000.you can wrap 400 to 500 coconut per house. It can be used in single phase electricity.

Agro food making processor machine

You can make cattle,hen,and duck foods using this machine. It has multipurpose facilities. You can fill the grass with this machine and it will be cut into small pieces.you can fill all things to it and make feeds .They provide customization. You can make dry foods from these machines. We can remove nuts and replace the belt with this machine. 3 types of blades are here. Then fill corn with this machine. You will get small pieces of corn. These Machines are highly efficient. You can add coconut shells to this machine also. You will get a powder form.you can purchase these machines and you can start a business. It has Rs 35,000 to 38,000.you can use it in single phase.

You can see a machine to lift the cow .It helps to increase the blood flow of the cow.They use a lifting bag.you can remove and fix this bag to the cow.Then lift the machine.it has a reverse braking system. It has Rs 29,000 to 38,000.These machines have 360° wheels.it has wheel brake system also.They make motor machines .you can be the agent and sell the machines.

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