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      Gifts are an essential thing in our life. It gives when you want a person to be happy. It is a common thing. Gift giving surprisingly is very important. When you get gifts unexpectedly it makes you excited  and happy. Normally  we give gifts on birthdays, anniversaries, appreciation,etc. Through gifts we will get a lot of memories.  It makes gifts beautiful  and special. Gift giving is coming from the heart. You should give gifts to the people  without wanting a return. Gifts as a way of expressing  love. It helps to maintain strengthening bonds in a relationship. We can give gifts to anniversaries,  birthdays and important  days of our dears. 

     We can see a place where we get gifts and crafts at low cost. It is in mahalekshmi art and craft,sukrawarpet,coimbatore. You can buy Golden leafs from here. You will get small birds used for project works. These are very beautiful.Different colorful  designed products are here. Small petrol max lights are here. Varieties of hanging  lights are available.  It has Rs 190. Gift papers are Available.  Chalk boards are available. 

     These allure Innovative  products. Lot of gift boxes are here. We will get a box from here. It has Rs 100.It contains  clothes. We can do art work in this cloth. It has an outer line of different  pictures. You can change it using crafts and put it in a frame. You will get Rs 450 for 1 product.canvas board, chalk board is here. 

     We can start new businesses  with these products.  It helps you to earn a good profit  from this business.  Dry flowers are available.  You will get liquids from here. You can mold it and sell it. Lots of molds are available.  Stamps are also available  here. Different parts of clocks are available.  You can buy these parts and set a clock then sell it to the market.  

        Small decoration  lights are available.  Multicolored, gold , star ,petrol max ,lights are available.  Toy parts are available  here. Stapling punches are here. Wax stamps are available  here. Different designed waxes are available. All types of decoration purposed flowers are available. Different  models and designs are here.small to large flowers are here. We will get thermocol flowers from here. Different colors of leaves are available  here. We can make crafts  and sell them to the market. 

     Different  gift boxes are here, these are 60 types of gift boxes. Gift papers are also here. Glitter gift papers are here. Wooden multi colored clips are available. You can buy kit boxes. You can paint and put it in a frame and sell it to the market.  They give you the frame also. 

        Colourful tapes are available. Multicolored decoration  laces  are available .Different  colored spray  paints are available  here. green, golden, silver stem items are here. Clay products are here. Different  colored stones are here, All items are wholesale prices. Bottle decorated laces, ropes are available. Different colored beads are available  here. We can use these products  to make new products. Multicolored feathers are available. All types of brushes are here. We can start different types of inn businesses using these products. Greeting card papers, bangle  boxes ,clay cutters,clay,knives tools, measurement cards,soap moulds,chocolate molds, are available. 

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