Different types of fruit  plants, flower plants at wholesale prices- Kallens live inn garden, Ernakulam 


      A garden is a planned space set aside for cultivation and enjoyment of plants. A garden can incorporate both natural and artificial. Garden includes design features like statuary,pergolas, follies,trellises,dry creek beds ,fountains and ponds.Some gardens are created for ornamental purposes only.while others are used to produce food crops.

      Flower gardens combine plants of different heights, textures, colors and fragrance to delight the senses. Garden designs are creating plans for layout and planting of gardens. Gardens may be designed by garden owners or by professionals. Professionals tend to be trained in principles of design and horticulture. They have knowledge and experience of using plants.most of the gardens consists of a mix of natural and constructed elements. The size of the plot is the main factor. Gardens are divided into medium to large sized.Flower gardens vary in the types of plants. 

    Gardens are great for your health, good for soil.It helps to reduce stress. It helps to learn the values of responsibility. It provides a long list of benefits. It empowers people.The presence of gardens can improve your lifestyle. There are many benefits of gardening. Gardening is a hobby for many people. If you want to start gardening, you should check the location, sunlight, access to water,quality and type of soil ,etc.

     Flowers play a crucible in our lives.planting flowers is an easy activity. Planting flowers increased landscaping appeal and interest .It enhanced emotional well being, exercise for the gardener and environmental benefits. Planting flowers adds color and visual interest to the landscape. You can select different colors of flowers from white to deep red ,blue,purple, etc. It can increase a person’s overall feeling of well being. Gardening is an effective workout. Planting flowers has a number of different environmental benefits. It removes pollutants from the air.

    We can see a place where we get plants at cheap prices. It is in Kallens live inn garden,Edathala, Ernakulam. All types of flowers here.It is an organic  farm. All items are available. It is in acres. Variety of fruit items are available here.


     Date palms are available at Rs 4000.orange plants are available at Rs 900.sapporta plant available. Rambutan available at Rs 550.Njaval plant available. Mangosteen plant available.  Santol plant available. Peanut butter fruit is available.  It is good for diabetic patients.  It has Rs 650. Cherry plants are available at Rs 800.yellow, red color rambutan available. 

     Kilo Guava available at Rs 750.sapporta has Rs 600.Banana sapporta available at Rs 900. Bangalore guava available.  Different types of Jackfruit plants are available. Vietnam airly Jackfruit available, It has Rs 1200.They provide 5% discount above Rs 1000.They provide 10% discount above Rs 10,000.Red jackfruit available. 

     Mango tree available. Royal palm available at Rs 650.budha palm available at Rs 1000.Small plants of red jack available at Rs 400. Sinkhole, Salem mango trees are available. Kottukonam mango tree available. Salem mango trees available at Rs 950.coconut trees are available. Ganga bondam coconut tree available.


     Shampain plant is available here. Chembakam available. Eugeria outdoor plants are available. It has Rs 700.They used only organic materials. White bamboo available. Different types of plants are available. Bougainvillea plants are available.  10 money plants have Rs 10.mirror plant has Rs 20.variety plants are available. 

     Variety Bougainvillea plants are available. You can purchase wholesale and retail.  Chethi plants are available. Hanging plants are available.  Money plant, dysteria plant, manjula focus,Hoya, Apecia, ground orchids,aglurium,zebra plant etc.zebra plant has Rs 50. Begonia available. Chilly plants cost Rs 50.vertical garden plants have Rs 20. Tresenia miniature available. Grass bush plants available. Spider plants are available. Snake plants are available. 

     Zinconia plants are available.  Cholias plant has Rs 10. Different types of orchids are available. Vani rinchu plants are available. Kalathia burba plants are available. Pencil bamboo available.varieties of kalledoum available at Rs 50.varieties of lotus are available. It has Rs 750 to 1500.many water plants ,babloos,japonica available here.mosaic plants are available. Water poppy available.

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