Debit credit card insurance 

              Almost everyone has a Debit Card and Credit card. With that we make the payment and withdraw the money. There are a few more things we don’t know. One of those is the insurance we get for free and we know more about it. 

           Debit, credit card holders get insurance coverage  also. Almost all banks private or public provide accidental hospitalization coverage or accidental death coverage to their customers having an operation bank account. Credit cards give you access to a line of debt  issued by a bank. It used to deduct money directly from your bank account. Credit cards offer better protection through warranties and fraud protection. But are costlier. Debit cards offer less protection, but they have a lower fees.  

           The range of insurance provided under the criteria starts from RS 50,000 to Rs 10 lakh,  depending upon the customer to customer Bank dealings. Most of the banks are offering cover on Credit Cards also. People are hardly aware of this fact because of they are reluctant to make any Insurance claim. But not everyone gets insurance.

 How to get  the insurance

  •  The card must be transacted before the specified period of time for an accident. 
  • Many banks have different terms 

      SBI   – 90 days

       ICICI   – 30 days 

      Axis   – 180 days prior to the date of accident. 

  • You can find out the minimum transaction and duration on the Bank’s website.
  •  This does not include withdrawal of cash from the ATM.
  •  Transaction involves making the payment of swiping the transaction card and online payment.

 Things to note

  •  Transaction of Rs 500 at least once a month by card.
  • Buy something online. 
  • No matter how long the card is used,  should be used with in this period. 
  • Normal death, suicidal death, poisonous death, death due to drugs are not covered in this insurance.
  • Only the accidental death will get insurance. 
  • Minimum transaction amount ICICI Rs 499. 
  • insurance coverage get an accidental disability. 
  • you will get hospitalization coverage Rs 1 lakh, Rs 2 lakh. 

How to claim

  •  To inform the police as soon ad after  the accident. 
  • Keep all relevant documents.
  •  Keep all medical documents. 
  • If the person expires,  you need to have post mortem report,   police report, death certificate, valid driving licence. 
  • Valid transaction within 60 days.
  •  The nominee of the bank account contact to the bank with documents and submit.
  • In  Axis Bank,  the report has to be made to the bank within 90 days from the date of incidence. 

Insurance coverage

 SBI             non air                     air

 gold                200000         4 lakh     

Yuva               200000           4 lakh

 platinum        500000               10 lakh 

Pride              200000             4 lakh

 premium        500000               10 lakh

 visa signature debit     10 lakh 2000000 


                        Air                                  non air

silver                       RS 50,000

gold                         30 lakh 5 lakh Titanium                   40 lakh 10 lakh Platinum 50 lakh               10 lakh 

world business         50 lakh 10 lakh Infinity/ signature     3 crore 15 lakh

Coral                        20 lakh 10lakh

business gold           20 lakh 5 lakh business Platinum    20lakh 10lakh

 Rubix                        3crore 15 lakh

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