Customer Benefits of ceramic coating in cars

        Today I would like to inform you about the importance of ceramic coating in the vehicles. Ceramic coating is always good for car.  Because this ceramic coating provides light protection and permanent candy gloss shine to the car,  Ceramic coating should be done with the help of professionals.

       Ceramic coating  is helps the car look like it now came out of the showroom. Ceramic coating  is a chemical . It is applied to the cars paint.  It looks like a wax  . It washed off easily. 

     Ceramic coating has many benefits. It gives a protection to the glass from scratches. It protects the car from ultra violent rays. Continuous exposure of sunlight leads to cracks, paint fading.Ceramic coating extends the life of paint.

     Ceramic coating  prevents the paint of the car from damage  caused by bird dropping, mud. Ceramic coating is hydrophobic. It repels the water.

    Ceramic coating offers little protection from scratches. If you want more protection, cover the car with pain protection  film with ceramic coating.  The application  of ceramic coating requires skilled peoples. It can take hours to days.

     It reduces the risk of the clear coat  from decontaminated materials.It protect the paint. 

     Firstly wash the car,clean  the interior parts.Then clear the scratching marks from the paint.Then do the ceramic coating.  It has warranty for  3 yr service.. They will get 6 packages.It is single type package, 2year service package and 3 year service package.

      ,We will get more details from sonax website. It needs  2 days processing.

Contact details for ceramic coating 

Arun   – 9744090001

Sreejith  – 7034472472

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