Credible online part time jobs

             Part time job is a form of employment that carries fewer hours  than full time job. They work in shifts. A person is free to take up more than one assignment and double employment is not held against the employee as per service rule. Part time online jobs are making some extra income in part time. Earn money online at the comfort of your home.   

                  Chegg is a publicly held Company  based in California. It is started 2005 in California. Chegg India primary creates  solution for chegg study board and handle several verticals of marketing content support management. Chegg have a various network of employees with offices supported by a team of managed, network experts. 

            Chegg India has made a big mark in the area of knowledge building and educational services. 1 lakh peoples are worked in this network.

              The most obvious way to make money  on chegg is to become a subject experts. Subject expert is a part time job in chegg India. It is developing your knowledge of the subject there are lot many things. They give 385 crore payout for  part time jobs. In this part time job, you can answer questions asked by students from US. 26 subjects are included here. You are expert in any subject, you will associate them. Teachers, students have  more chance because they have the knowledge about the subjects. Housewives are also participated in this part time job.   

            There is no fixed salary here. How much you work, you will get paid. You have to answer the questions of your selected subject and their pay you for each correct will get Rs 150 / one question for accountant and Rs 300 / one questions for physics or chemistry. you  will get 1 lakh for 1 month for your part time job.

               Another countries like US,  plus two or degree courses, the teachers give questions to the students. Students post the questions in Chegg.  We accept or reject in 10 minutes. Between 2 hours, we must answer the questions. W.e get the money 11 to 14 days in a month. They settle the money. We must answer minimum 10 questions. 

           We don’t need money to be a subject expert, sign up and register the website. first you  give the basic details.

 Online screening 

           Check your knowledge about the subject. In this test 10 MCQs will be asked and questions will be e get a level you have to score more than 90 %. In first attempt,  if you don’t clear the test you will have one more attempt to qualify. 

Question and answer guideline test

               First they will mail you question and answer guideline then you will be tested how efficiently you can answer questions. you need  80 %mark. If you fail, after 15 days you take the test and win.


           In  verification,  you give the documents such as bank account details,  pan card copy, address proof, through online scanning.They  open the account.

 Start answering 

        Upload the answer.  

          Chegg India,  rank their site according to your answers,  knowledge of subject and speed.

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