Covid 19 help for Pravasi Malayalees from NORKA

           In this  time of covid-19, the state government  has been providing many benefits . One of the most important of this is the dues pension. In this  time of Covid-19, an amount of Rs 5000 is being credited to the bank account. All those who currently apply have  to start applying on the basis of application the supply of money begins.

       The ordinary pensioners are entitled to a pension of about Rs 8500. Afterwards this is the biggest benefit that  will be distributed. Norka is available to the general public from Rs 1000 to Rs 10,000.This is the benefit of NRI’s.This was a  distribution that had to start from may1st. After it is restructured, distribution will begin by June 15 . There are about 170000 applicants. 

           The initial phase of distribution is for thirty thousand people who have submitted the documents properly. The distribution will be made after completing the documents checking with the rest . There will be a benefit  distribution for all who apply. The amount will be disbursed to the applicants saving bank account. For those who do not have a savings bank account, a joint account can be issued. For those who have submitted NRI accounts they are not currently eligible for the benefit .Resolve such matters with NORKA’ s  help desk as soon as possible.

           They are getting Rs 1000 help . In addition to the benefits currently available, in this time of covid-19 is also providing an additional Rs 1000 as an aid to people who are members of the non resident welfare fund. 

                  In addition, the  santhwana scheme for NRI provides Rs 10,000 to those who have been permanently resident in our country for 10 years after working abroad and  infected by covid . Of those who are members of the non resident welfare fund, Rs 10,000 is distributed to those affected by Covid 19. The assistance for Rs 5,000 is available to those people who are unable to return on this time of covid 19 after returning a visa passport with or without an expired visa on or  after January 1st .

            After serving for 2 ½ years in overseas countries, we have been providing assistance for the returning expatriates to start projects. It is available as a loan to purchase agricultural food processing ,Aqua structure ,sheep farming, livestock raising, small scale enterprises, repair shops and Taxes . This benefit is available under the Narka department projects for return immigrants scheme. 

      Similarly registration is now being launched as a part of giving away free trainings and monitoring to the migrants who have returned to our country for the purpose of starting enterprises. This scheme is being launched in the co operation with the department of industries. All interested NRI’s must register for it. 

           The government of Kerala has  set up a portal for this purpose. Registered on the Kerala industry website. Please share this information to others.

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