Cooling films are allowed or not in the vehicles – real truth

In Kerala car accessories dealers flagged the delay in implementing a law. It says that permits the use of safety glazing material like sun control film on vehicles. They said the use of sun control film is now legally permitted with central motor vehicle rule,2020.The dealers urged the government to issue an internal circular to make law enforcing officers aware of the amendment.The federation with George and sons submitted a representation to the transport commission to avoid confusion to the vehicle owners. He said that RTO is not authorized to penalize the vehicles who use these types of films which are tested .In 2012 Supreme Court banned the use of sun control films on the glasses of vehicles.

The amended rule 100 says that safety glass of safety glazing wind screen of every motor vehicle so manufactured to provide not less than 70 % visual transmission and side windows 50 % of light conform to Indian standards IS 2553 Revision 1:2019.It permits toughened glass with layer of plastic on inner side of the vehicle. Sunfilms are commonly used to prevent harmful UV rays from penetrating into the vehicle.

Windshields use the full surface area of all glasses and curved angle compared to side glass. Cooling films protects the seats of vehicles from fading. It also maintains a comfortable temperature inside the car.Excess exposure of sunlight can cause fading colour of the seats. It increases privacy and security. Dart tint prevents outsiders from spying. It is the protective layer and safeguard of windows .An insulating window film applied to windows can help retain up to 55% more heat in winter season and reduce heat up to 30 %.window films are commonly installed on the inside of the glass.

Window films are thin ,polyester material. Its life span depends on quality and manufacturing. It lasts 10 to 20 helps to reduce unwanted is made of plastic helps to block out more cold from outside and reduces cold spots inside.static window films are non adhesive vinyl material, it is directly applied to is very easy to apply and remove.

We can see whether cooling films are allowed or not in our country . According to Supreme Court rules cooling films are not allowed on the vehicle. Social media said that safety glass or safety glazing material glass can be used in vehicles.but it is incorrect news. Safety glass means the material conforming to IS 2553. The safety glass of windscreen and rear window of vehicle shall be manufactured to provide not less than 70%visual transmission of light. It says that the owner of the vehicle shall maintain visual transmission of light through safety glass 

Safety glazing material is not a cooling film. You should maintain 70% transmission in front glass,70% transmission in back glass and Door glass has 50 % transmission. Do not attach cooling film to these glasses.Motor vehicle department said that they do not allow cooling is only said about the glasses.

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