Continuous intake of paracetamol how to affect our body

      Today I would like to inform you about continuous intake of paracetamol how to affect your body .Paracetamol is a medicine, used to treat fever and pain. We are all depend on Paracetamol for the onset of a minor fever or body aches. But these tablets do more harm to our body than good. So think twice before eating these tablets.we get sudden relief ,but it affects our body badly.

       We used paracetamol for tooth ache,sprains, head ache,fever,body pain etc. Overdosing of paracetamol  can cause severe side effects.  Take paracetamol  every 6 to8 hours. 

        Overuse of paracetamol causes liver toxicity. Because it  can lead to liver failure. It has drowsiness and sleepy side effects. If you use paracetamol long term, it can lead to heart attacks,GI bleeding, kidney failure.It suppress our immunity.

       So avoid paracetamol.If you have any pain,consult a doctor and take medication. Paracetamol does not cure back pain.

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