Changes when withdrawing money from SBI ATM counters

          We are the ones who use banking facilities for various benefits. SBI bank has undergone a major change in these days. ATMs are more commonly used by everyone than going to the banks and making payments. Other commercial banks will also be releasing their security measures in the coming days.

          State Bank of India is the largest beneficiary Bank I would like to share with you one of the most crucial change that  SBI has taken. The change is effective from September 18. Verification can now be done in two ways when making a transaction through an ATM, the money is received when the ATM card is first inserted and then our pin number is entered. 

        According to the latest changes an OTP number will be sent to our registered phone when we dial the pin number. We can withdraw cash only if the OTP number is entered.

              Messages about these will be coming to our phone. Main beneficiary State Bank of India have not received this message . This is because the phone number is not linked to their bank account. Therefore the KYC form should be filled in the next few days and the mobile number should be linked to the bank account.

           With the mobile number where our bank account is registered, we no longer have  to go to the ATM counters to withdraw cash. The system is in OTP for 24 hours. Such a system may be available only when withdrawing money from SBI ATM.

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