Changes made by RBI for those who took loans from banks,A method similar to Moratorium 


    Today I would like to inform you about some good  news for those who take out a bank loan. The spread of covid-19 has caused a lot of financial  difficulties. Because a lot of people lost their jobs. Therefore loans taken from banks cannot be repaid. This is a good news for such people.

    We can see new RBI policies. On May 5 , the Reserve bank of India released a new policy. According  to new rules, loans of 25 crore will be restructured. The last date for restructuring is 2021 September 30. For loans paid till March 31 ,there will be some time to pay payment and interest.

     It is like moratorium.we can escape without getting a penalty. We can extend the loan for 2 years. If you have any financial  difficulties,  you can use this rule . Otherwise you can continue to pay interest on the loan.

      RBI announces Rs 50000 crore on tap liquidity to fight second wave of covid. It  provides  liquidity support and strengthens the public. Banks can provide fresh lending support to vaccine manufacturers, importers , suppliers of vaccines , hospitals ,dispensaries ,pathology labs, manufacture, suppliers of Oxygen and ventilators.

     RBI changes the rules of GST return filing ,tax payment. Extended the GSTR 1 return duration  to 2021 may 26.Invoice furnishing facility retur duration  extended  to may 28.

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