Changes  in welfare  pensions from September

         Welfare pensions have been a source of comfort to us in these covid 19 times. There are about 58 lakh people in Kerala who are  receiving Social Security and welfare pensions. But an investigation by your state government, has found that many ineligible people are receiving Social Security pensions. 

          The government has decided to exclude ineligible people from this scheme. Eligible persons will  get this pension amount only if the ineligible persons are expelled. This is called mustering. There are a lot of deserving people who are unaware of this Social Security pension Scheme. 

          Eligible people will get the benefit they deserve only if the ineligible  ones are out.In the last few months, the welfare pension was Rs 1300. There was an announcement that the welfare pension has been increased by Rs 100 to Rs 1400. 

       If you are found to be ineligible for this pension, you will no longer receive this pension. Similarity  of your information is proved to be incorrect, you will lose your pension. This is because the government is taking strict measures, restrictions and investigations into the distribution of welfare pensions.

          Those who qualify still have the opportunity to apply.Those who are eligible will definitely get the benefit. After checking your documents, the pension amount will be credited to your account from next month.

 Eligibility  for welfare pensions

  • Residing  kerala
  • Having family annual income less than 1 lakh.
  • People who are financially  backward
  • Widows

          At present, the welfare fund  pension is Rs 1400. From now on ,the amount  will be credited to your bank accounts every month. So if you are  eligible you can apply for it.

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