Changes in gas distribution from November

       Today I would like to introduce you an important information about LPG distribution. A lot of changes have taken place now that affect ordinary people. The following are the changes in Bharat gas in Kerala Thiruvananthapuram and Cochin.This is an OTP system.

           All information  about this distribution will be communicated to others by the distribution agencies themselves. If we book a gas as usual ,an OTP will come to our phone via  sms.

           At the time of delivery, this OTP will have to be informed. Then the cylinder will be handed over to the customer. The first to benefit from this will be the hundred smart cities in our state.

       A booking number is being introduced for Indian agencies across the country. We can book a gas by calling a single  number from anywhere in the country.

      New indane gas booking number is 7718955555.We should call from our registered phone number and enter our 16 number code. And also we can link our phone number with gas.

     The registration of address and phone number is mandatory.

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