Changes for new ration card and free kit  distribution

           Today we are going to tell you for the common man, this is one of the most joyful news . One is about the free kit  now being issued to the BPL card . Next it is also about the state governments ration card which is supposed to be received within 24 hours. It  was decided very soon to issue a ration card in the present situation.

         For BPL Ration card holders who had in the priority category ,at present free food grains are  being distributed to over 31 lakh cardholders. Distribution of those kits is now underway with 17 items costing, close to Rs 1,000.

It is currently known that around 17 lakh beneficiaries have got it . There are now special arrangements for beneficiaries to purchase kits quickly .

          when the distribution began on the 27 th ,the last number of the card was the work ending in zero and the distribution began. Then on the 28 th,the distribution was for those who last digit of the card was ended up in 1. From now onwards , a law has been relaxed. from the 29 th, you can buy both the card number 2 and 3  digits . Similarly people who have two or more can buy in the next few days . Similarly in this particular case you can buy the free kit any time after you talk to your ration leader. Now there are changes to this methods. So as soon as possible, you can receive the free kit at anytime unless there is a huge crush .

       And most recently one  of the happiest news is that the ration card is about to be distributed.  Akshaya centres Has been given all permission for this purpose . Upon application, based on clear documents ,the ration card will be issued temporally if the document cannot be verified at present.  Then a regular ration card is issued . Keep in mind that the temporary ration card is entitled to all other benefits. For those who have misre- presented the ration card. There will be further proceedings such as punishable actions, cancellation of ration cards. The applicant must Provide an affidavit when applying.

         Similarly there are certain criteria that the applicant must be abide. If you visit Akshaya Centres, you can download the forms. Through Akshaya Centres we have learnd that a person can get a ration card for Rs 75 including processing fees ,printing charges and following up. Those who do not have a ration card at present in Kerala can apply now. They  and their families can apply. 

         Applicants need to see Aadhar Card and everyone has to submit their Aadhar card when applying. For applicants, there is currently a name on a  ration card the name has been cut from there and if they want to apply for another ration card . They are not given the opportunity now. You have requested to transfer ration card from one to another Taluk if we cannot receive the ration card due to lockdown, you can apply for the ration card now. You do not need to contact the Taluk Supply office directly. The first thing you need to do is apply through Akshaya centres. 

        After completing the present application, through Akshaya Centre /janaseva  centres a message will be send to the phone that you intend to link with the ration card and  then to enter the offices for verification. You can reminded that you have to meet all the criteria if you are in a situation where the office are lockdown .

      Those who wish to apply now can contact the nearest Akshaya centre/ janaseva centre on the phone. Then there is the need for further action .We need to download a few documents including the affidavit. Download and fill these forms through Akshaya Centre. An affidavit signed  by the ward member and the panchayat Counselor at your place of Residence.

           There is also need to be produced aadhar   card and residential certificate.Your photo ,voter ID, email ID ,phone number all these documents need to be submitted as well.

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