Central Government Saving Scheme, sukanya samriddhi  yojana for girls 

             Today I would like to share with you a saving scheme for our daughters.It ‘s name is sukanya  samriddhi yojana. This scheme was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 2 December 2014. It is a backed saving scheme of government of india.It encourages the future education, marriage expences of girl child.  For up to two girls, can open this account. The second is that those with twins can also apply. But they have to submit medical certificate.

                  This is better than most existing investment schemes. There are a lot of bonuses under this scheme. The account can be opened in the name of the girl by the girl’s mother or father. You need to deposit at least Rs 1,000 to open this account. A maximum of Rs 1, 50, 000 can be deposited in this account. Now the minimum deposit was decreased from RS 1,000 to Rs 250.

                            This account can be opened at  post offices and Nationalised commercial banks, state bank of india, bank of baroda, punjab national bank, bank of india, canara bank, corporation bank, Andhra bank. This is one of the most helpful scheme for the common people. The benefit of this scheme which we are getting now is 7.4 % interest rate. We will receive the benefit after total of 21 years. The amount to be deposited into this account is 14 years. No need to invest the amount for the next seven years.


  • Girls up to  the age of 10yrs.
  • Must be a permanent resident of India.


  • Application form
  • Parent Photo  – 3
  • Aadhar card
  • Birth certificate 

              The account will be credited to the girl’s name when the girl reaches  the age of majority. Until then the parent will have the position of an investor. Best to join the Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana account as soon after baby girl is born. 

          This amount reaches our  hands without taxes. If a girl join this account at age of 5 years,  she has to pay up to the age of 20 years. No payment is required for the next 6 years. The amount can be withdrawn at the age of 26 yrs. At the age of 18yrs,  we can withdraw about half of the amount. If the girl dies before the account matures, the account can be closed.

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