Central Government accidental Insurance Schemes 

                We are following private insurance companies. It is because of our health condition and the risk factors in our lives.As part of this, there are various schemes on the part of the central government, which from our own hands receive only a small amount of money and provide us with all the healthcare . We work in different areas for subsistence purposes. Suraksha Bima Yojana, which is part of the central government’s scheme,  has a benefit of Rs 2 lakh, if we have only Rs 12 .

    This scheme is very beneficial for drivers, construction workers, people who travel long distances and  reach work places. In the event of an accidental death or a complete disability the benefits will be covered .They will get around Rs 2 lakh. In case of partial disability, we get a protection of Rs 1lakh, if we spend just Rs 12 for 1 year, we get it . We can  join through the nearest banks or post offices .

        Most people in our society are not aware of this project . For women with a jan dhan  bank account, already decided to offer this kind of benefits for free . Then they will receive the benefits for a specified period. Later  auto debit will be charged Rs 12. This is an annual premium.


 18 to 70 years 

         There is another scheme called Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana that plays a premium Rs 330 for 1 year. If  you have Rs 1 for one day to set aside. This means that for natural death, the benefit of this scheme is up to Rs 2lakh.


 18 to 50 years 

        Until may 31st ,that the one year premium is covered and we have to give the premium to be charged from our account through the auto debit system on June 1. Otherwise we can join by paying Rs  330. The benefit of this plan is to be activated by 45 days after joining this scheme. Natural deaths and sickness deaths are covered by this benefit for your family . Must have a bank account for Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana . There are no other tests for it . please share this information to others.

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