Causes and management  of heel pain

           One of the things that it comes to all of us is heel pain when we wake up in the morning. This pain will subside after walking for a while. This pain can occur again when you sit up for a while and then get up again. 

          Similarly Those who work standing up  from early in the morning may experience the heel pain in the evening. There are two types of heel pain. All the muscles in our feet are connected to the heel. It is more common in women.


  • Heel pain can occur if we put too much pressure on any part of the foot.
  • Obesity 
  • Diabetic
  • Decreased thyroid gland function
  • Lifestyle problem like tight sandals/ high heeled sandals/fancy sandals  are used.
  • Depreciation on the heels. The depreciation on the heels and the bone changes into a thorn like  shape.It is called calcaneus spur. This can cause severe pain in the heel. 
  • The muscles in the back of our legs also come into contact with the heels. These muscles are come together in achilles tendon. If we walk for a long time or standard for a long time or we put too much pressure on one foot,  there is a possibility of small tears in this tendon. This condition can cause heel pain.


  • Use soft sandals.
  • If you use shoe,  put a silicone pad on the shoe. Silicone padded shoes are now  available in the market. It helps to maintain the pressure on our feet.
  • Avoid wearing fancy,  flat, hard sandals.
  • Avoid high heeled sandals.It may cause heel pain and back ache.

Today I would like to introduce you to 2 or 3 simple exercises to relieve heel pain.

  1. Before we get up in the morning, let’s relax the shrunken fascia on our heels. Move your toes back and  front at least 10 times. After a minute do this 10 more times.
  2. Stretch your  feet to the fullest. Stretch and hold your foot for 15 seconds. After relaxing,  stretch and hold for another 15 seconds. Doing this on a regular basis, will release the fascia and reduce our heel pain.
  3. Fill a  plastic bottle with water and place in the freezer. Place the bottle on the ground and press the and arch of your foot into the bottle. Slowly push the bottle  front and backwards. You can do this for about 10 minutes.
  4. Put  hot water in a bowl. Put  cold water in a bowl next to it. Soak in hot water for 15 seconds and then in cold water for 15 seconds. Soak again  in hot water for 15 seconds.

            Medicine for this is available in homeopathy.

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