Caste certificates –  how to apply for caste certificate, details  about caste certificate 

       Caste certificate is a legal document. It states the ethnic group a person belongs to India. It is used in the reservation system that allows backward sections of people. It provides them an advantage in education  and employment. It is focused for persons  from scheduled  caste .Our government indeed augurs for promotion of scheduled  caste and Tribes and is often encouraged through providing specific  opportunities. It helps them grow in the same manner as general citizens. 

             Caste certificates mainly given to the SC,ST,OBC,OEC1,OEC 2,SEBC Categories. Ews is in the general category. 

           We can use the e district  portal to get government  services easily  through common service centres. It helps backend computerization to enable delivery  of services, ensures transparency. The village officer issues the certificate after the verification  of evidence produced and enquiry. 


  • Used for getting scholarships 
  • Used for getting government schemes.
  • Used for getting government  subsidies.
  • Used for getting quotas in educational institutions. 
  • Used for getting reservations  in government  services. 


  • Application  form
  • SC,ST,OBC caste proof
  • Income certificate 
  • Age proof
  • Address proof
  • Adhar card
  • Mobile number 
  • Email ID

           You will get a caste certificate  within 5 days. The validity of caste certificate  is 3 years. Application through  an akshaya centre, the fees is Rs 18 (akshaya service charge )+ Rs 7 (government  service  charge)+Rs 3 per page for scanning .In online application mRs 15 is payment. 

           If you are applying  through  akshaya  center,submit an application for a caste certificate with application will get an application  number. You will get an SMS regarding the progress of the application. 

How to apply online

  • Visit the official  website  of e district  kerala. 
  • Click New portal user registration. 
  • Enter name, date of birth,place, district,mobile number,address,dhar number. 
  • Select login name and password. 
  • Enter captcha .
  • Select password recovery  question  and answer .
  • Enter sensitive characters. 
  • Click on validate and register. 
  • You can login into the portal using username  and password. 
  • You should have to do one time registration. 

One time registration 

  • Visit the official  website of e district portal.
  • Click the one time registration  option. 
  • Enter all details like name,date of birth, address,fathers name,religion,caste of father,mother name,religion of mother,personal  details  such as phone number, ration  card number, driving licence  number, passport number, adhar number, etc.
  • Click on check the duplicate  button. 
  • You can see if you are already registered  through akshaya  centers. After checking  the duplicate ,submit the application. 
  • Click the submit  button. 
  • Select edit registration  option .
  • Click applicant registration. 
  • Click the submit  button. 
  • Click the apply certificate  option.

Apply caste  certificate  online

It has mainly  3 stage processes.They fill in application  details, upload the documents, and make payment. 

  • Visit official  website of e district  portal 
  • Click apply for certificate  option.
  • Enter e district registration number. 
  • Select certificate  type and purpose.
  • Enter religion category caste.
  • Enter applicant name. 
  • Click the save button. 
  • Upload the documents like adhar card,ration  card,school certificate, caste certificate  of relative. 
  • You can make required payments. Enter registration  number, certificate  type and total amount of payment. 
  • You can pay through debit card payment, credit card payment, etc.
  • You will get a receipt . You can take print out of the receipt.

How to track  the application  status

  • You can track the status 
  • Login to the e district portal 
  • Click on transaction  history 
  • Choose from date and to date option.
  • Click the go option.
  • Click on view status

How to download option

  • If your application is approved, you will get an SMS.
  • After getting the certificate  issued  message option, you can download  and take print out of the caste certificate. 
  • Click on the download  option.

How to apply offline caste certificate 

  • Visit the village officer or nearest akshaya centers 
  • Fill the caste certificate application  form
  • Submit the application  with supporting  documents. 
  • Tahsildar issued the caste certificate. 
  • It will be issued within 7 days.

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