Captcha typing

 captcha typing is a most simple and guaranteed way to have additional income in internet. In this you need only a computer, keyboard,  internet connection. In in this there are lots of images that cannot recognised automatically, there are people who are ready to pay for recognition of images. They made a service suitable for both when they collect images and send it to worker. where you need to enter the text correctly according to images,  you will start to earn funds.

 How to apply 

  • register an account 
  • hits start work.
  • System guide you
  • To show you what to do
  • After 10 mints  you will begin to earn. 


  • protecting registration forms in websites
  • preventing spam comments.
  • Secure online shopping
  • Protecting email account
  • It is used to prevent bots as well as other  programs of computer for submitting websites. 
  • It is simply typing work 
  • If you have good typing speed, you can type 250 caption per hour.

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