Business ideas in kerala 


        You  can start a business without investment. It is much easier as there are more avenues for advertising and selling our  own products. Most importantly  there will be learning experiences. It will help you build towards greater Heights. Any challenges faced during the beginning of a business stepping stones to the overall experience. Many people do not like  jobs and are more interested in developing business. They want to make a higher return on a long term basis. If you want to start your own business there are many business ideas you can start with almost no investment and you will get a huge profit. 

       You can see 5 types of business start without investment. These are business categories. We can generate a lot of ideas from these categories. We can start businesses  without business  or with minimal investment. Services are the first category of business.we can extend our services to others and we will get an amount. It doesn’t not need any type of capital  expenditure. You can charge an can teach,landscaping,gardening, plumping  ,website  design, graphic design, marketing  consultancy,manpower consultancy,  can start many ideas from these service categories. 

           You can create something and sell it to the markets. If you have any special skills,you can paint,make handicraft products, jewelry  and sell to the markets. You should prepare thoroughly before starting a business. You must adapt to changing situations. Before you start selling your products  you need to build up your brand,get a following of people who are ready to jump when you start businesses. Handicrafts are traditional products in India. We can select clothes,hoped-for items, jewelry and utility items. Skilled people create different  types of items with paper,wood, clay,stones,metals, etc.handicrafts items are handmade items without use of any type of  machines. You can make home made  foods like snacks and sell them to bakeries and restaurants. 

        Online opportunities  are the next category. You  can start a blog and you will get profit through  adsense. You can select  a category and start a youtube account.  Affiliate  marketing and dropshipping. Affiliate  marketing  is where you can generate  sales for companies  like Amazon and flipkart and you will get a margin from them. Drop shipping is to find trending and winning products. It is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. 

        Marketing services is another successful  category  of a business. We can buy and sell the products  of companies.  They will give a part of the profit  margin to you. It needs confidence. 

       Broking is another category. We can sell or buy  things on another person’s doesn’t need any type of investment. You will get a high profit from this business. You should need a large network  and a quality  to connect with others. You can broke real estate,  vehicles, marriages. You will get a huge profit in a short time. You will get a lot of business  ideas from these categories. It doesn’t  need investment.  You should start small things,think big,scale exponentially. It needs determination.  You can convert it to a huge business. 

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