Business ideas for women

             If you want to be an entrepreneur, the road to your success is right  business idea. Even most motivated entrepreneur struggle and take time while deciding on the business idea.

These are the  small business ideas for women:- 

1 )Food service business 

             It is the most suitable business idea for women. All you need in some space for cooking and serving if you are not planning to have a mobile food service. You can cook anything and that you have some demand in your area. You should know the food trucks, carts, kiosks ‘s mobility and recognisable menu. And prefer fresh and  locally sources food with low fats. you can consider would interest children. 

2)Clothing business

             It is Catching on among women, with little investment ladies started their clothing business from home. The clothing industry offers small business opportunities and you to Creating your own clothing brand.

3) Yoga training 

           Many people want to do yoga. If you know this art,  you could teach it and earn money out of it. you can start it from your home.

 4)Soap making

             If you are thinking to manufacture a product,  soap and related product can be a good choice. Once the product is ready to be sent to market,  runs ads on TV, newspaper, social media ads. Your products must be available in cosmetic shops,  boutiques, wholesale markets.The easier it is for the people to buy it. 

5)Teacher /Tutor

              Teaching is another home based business idea for moms. If you teach a group of students in your home,  you will charge less and will need to get a good number of students make a decent income. If you chose home tuition,  you will charge the higher and earn sufficient money. you can select the online teaching also.

6) Be a florist

              You can do if you have an interest in gardening and natural beauty by becoming a florist. You can providing them fresh flowers and customised bouquets.

7)Cake making 

            Cake making is a good business idea for women. You can easily sell in the food industry. The cake demand increases on special occasion.

 8)Candle making

             It can be initiated with a small start budget. The popularity demand for decorative candles created tremendous business opportunity. 


              It demands  day to day monitoring with close supervision of bees.The demand for honey  is growing globally. Beekeeping for selling honey and wax is profitable business. 

10)Craft making 

             It can translate into a profitable business. It can be started and run from home. But this is very inexpensive to initiate.


  • Turn hobby into business. 
  • It entrepreneurs focus more than collaboration than competition.
  • Women business owners  have more role models than ever before. 
  • The parenting experience has its benefit.
  • Women make great leaders
  •  They have the ability to create a friendly corporate culture.
  • You learn alot. 
  • It is exciting and fulfilling
  •  The salary makes sense. 


  • You are always at work
  • You were a lot of hats.
  • It is sometimes non existent
  • You will feel a new kind of stress.

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