Budget house at Rs 9 lakhs,2 bedrooms,552 square feet

Everyone has a dream to make a beautiful house with low cost.It is very difficult to build a house at low cost.First you should make a plan.you should select a tiny home.select an experienced home builder.There are a lot of options to take advantage of building a budget friendly home .you should design a simple box.you can consider planning for a multiple story home.you can make exterior more interesting with landscaping, shutters, lighting,that don’t cost a lot.there are many different roofing designs, it can affect the price of your home.you can select simple roofing design. It is less expensive.

Cost of a house will depend on the size of the home, the materials, the number of pitches, steepness ,length of slopes,etc.Tiny houses are less costly to build .Many materials and labor costs are going to be priced per square foot.Reducing the square feet of your home will make more affordable.

You should select an experienced home builder.An experienced home builder might cost more than one with little to no experience. They help you figure out where to spend and where to save. They help to avoid problems before they arise because they have a lot of experience navigating problems in their career. You can act as your own contractor and you can save on cost. Any changes that you make in your building plan during the construction process can add to the total cost of the build.

So it is important to get your plans approved early before you start building. Create a budget that you expect to spend on your home. You may not have a perfect estimate from the beginning ,starting to get a handle on the cost can help you throughout the building process. Whenever prices change in the market,make sure you add it to your budget.

Different types of materials are available in the market at different costs. You should select cost effective materials. It helps keep the project affordable. You can select old wooden doors , Windows and decorative items. It helps to save money. You can use prefabricated wall panels that are custom built material. It has to save money because you are not paying extra labour cost to build and frame the walls.

You can purchase a large quantity of materials from nearby shops. Select a good partner who can guide you throughout the entire process of home construction. A house is very important. Because it provides belonging, identity, privacy ,security and control of a person. Low cost building is cutting down construction cost by using alternatives. Low cost housing helps to decrease the cost of construction and make the low cost housing accessible.

We can see a house built at a low cost. It is built for Rs 9 lakhs. We can build these types of houses in shapeless plots.There is a medium sized sit out. You can place 2 chairs in the sutout. There is a specific space for the living hall. We can see the sofa,TV unit in the living hall.We can separate the main hall into the living hall and dining hall.

There is privacy for the dining area. A wash area is set near the dining area.Two medium sized bedrooms are arranged here. Wardrobes are arranged in the bedrooms. A common toilet is arranged here.A medium sized kitchen is arranged here.we can arrange L shaped kitchen cabins.

It is a beautiful house. It has totally cost Rs 9 lakhs. There is a pillar in the sitout. They provided cladding stones in the pillar and one wall. It increases the beauty of this house. These works are done by plastering. They provided LED lights into the sunshade .

This house has 552 square feet. We can build this house in 3 cents. This house has a total length of 11.70 meter and a width of 11 meters.The sitout has 260×114,living area 260×494,bedrooms 278×262 and 260×280,kitchen 278×238,toilet has 176×120.This house is constructed with cement blocks.floor height is 45cm.main slab has 300cm and sunshade has 210 cm.

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