Bricks are available at Rs 8.75/manufacturing village / mulakulam,piravom

Bricks are the type of blocks used to build walls ,pavements for masonry construction. Brick is a block composed with dried clay. Brick can be joined using mortar or adhesive or by interlocking them. Bricks are commonly produced in numerous types, materials, classes,sizes which vary with the region and time period. Blocks are rectangular buildings composed of similar material. Light weight bricks are made from expanded clay aggregate. Fired bricks are the longest lasting and strongest building material.

Bricks are mainly three types, they are fired ,un fired and chemically set bricks. Mud bricks are unfired bricks made from wet ,clay containing soil mixed with straw binders. Fired bricks are burnt in kilns which make them durable. Normally bricks are made with silica , magnesia, iron oxide, Alumina etc. Three main methods are used for shaping the raw materials into bricks. Molded bricks are started with a raw clay, it is mixed with the 30% sand to reduce shrinkage and the clay is then mixed with the water to the desired consistency.

Then it is pressed into a steel mould with a hydraulic press. Dry pressed bricks are similar to soft mud molded methods. It provides more accurate sharper edge bricks. In extruded bricks mix with 15% water in a is forced through a die to create a long cable of material. The colour of fired clay bricks is based on the chemical and mineral content of the raw materials, firing temperature and atmosphere in the kiln.

Bricks are used for construction of walls , construction of floors, construction of Arch,etc. The bricks have physical, mechanical, thermal, properties. Brick is the oldest material of all building materials. It is used to denote a building unit made of shaped clay. Bricks are about 8 inches long ,4 inches wide and a variety of thickness. Bricks provide a variety of natural colours and textures. Bricks offer high compressive strength. It releases and absorbs moisture and regulates temperature and humidity inside the structures. Brick can resist fire at maximum protection ratings for 8 hours. Bricks absorb and release heat slowly. Strong composition resists wear and tear.

We can see a soil brick village in Malayalam, near piravom, Ernakulam. They make a lot of bricks at low prices, we can purchase soil bricks at Rs 8/ piece. We can see a large brick kiln here. Brick kiln is a thermal insulated chamber that produces a temperature sufficient to complete some processes like hardening, drying, etc. It has been used to form millenia to turn objects made from clay into pottery, tiles and brick.

There are mainly two types of kilns,intermittent and continuous. Bricks are made dried, fired and cooled.Brick kilns are large brick making factories where bricks are baked and sun dried. Brick kilns are highly polluting industries.Mulakulam has a lot of bricks manufacturing peoples.we can buy quality bricks at low amounts.

They provide live brick making facilities. They make a lot of bricks. There is a large brick kiln to dry the bricks. They make fire using wood. These bricks are strong. One brick has Rs 8.75. These bricks don’t break. We can make a house with these bricks. These bricks are made naturally. So it provides a cooling effect to the can purchase it through mobile. They provide bulk quantities.

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