Branded Variety kurtis are available at Rs 500

Kurtis are one of the most popular ethnic wear. It is a versatile,stylish and comfortable clothing option. Kurtis are an outfit that has stretched beyond its time. You can easily maintain it and it is durable. Mid thigh ethnic kurtis look beautiful with the salwars. Kurtis are the most comfortable outfit because it has modern elements. Different types of kurtis are available in the market. Kurtis are a shorter version of kurta that is commonly worn by women in our country. Kurti is commonly made with the light material design exclusively for women.

You can buy kurtis offline and online. Cotton kurtis are occasionally friendly material. It is the softest fabric and it fits perfectly. Cotton kurtis are easy to maintain and also are long lasting material. Kurtis are available in different styles. It is very comfortable to wear and our body is free from body hugging tight dresses. You can wear kurtis in weddings and pre-wedding ceremonies. Cotton kurtis are a popular form of casual women’s attire. Cotton kurti provide glamour and style to the overall appearance of a woman. It provides grace with comfort.

Cotton is natural fabric so it is softer like feathers. so most of the women select this.It is best for hot climates.It is perfect for all body type peoples. Different sizes of kurtis are available at different ranges.Kurtis are suitable for all occasions. Kurtis are friendly, long lasting, stylish material. Chiffon, silk,cotton kurtis are available in the market.

You can wash and iron it daily. Cotton kurtis are dyed in any colors.variety of shades and patterns of kurtis are available. You can select kurtis from different colors and designs. Kurtis are available in budget price ranges.kurtis look gorgeous in different styles. Modern style kurtis are available in the market. Kurtis are available in S,M,L,XL,XXL, XXXL sizes.

Kurtis are the perfect choice for offices and daily wear.Gorgeous embroidery worked kurtis are available in the market.Most of the women wear kurtis for both casual and formal events. Traditional kurtis, ethnic kurtis, designer kurtis, printed kurtis, short kurtis, cotton kurtis, Lenin kurtis, are available in the market.

We can see a place where we get branded kurtis at affordable is in VR star kurtis,Ernakulam. All branded kurtis are available at Rs will get a lot of onam offers.special designed kurtis are available here.Beautiful kurtis are available. Budget friendly gowns are available. All items are available. Wholesale, retail,customization facilities are available here.

Retail section


You can purchase through direct visit,video call and online .They have you tube, Instagram, Facebook. You can visit these sites and see all models through it.They started a V R star designer dream kurtis .It is available in all shops.variety models are available. Handworked kurtis are available at Rs 699.All products are available at Rs 500.They have free shipping. All kurtis are manufactured by them.Different pattern designed kurtis are here.500 models are available.


Differences of sarees are available.Banarasi silk sarees are available at Rs 1500 with free delivery. Variety models are available. Copper ,silver and gold silk sarees are available. Weightless banarasi sarees are available at Rs1000. Different types of wedding sarees are available. Variety colors are available.

Dhavani Blouses,skirts

Hand worked dawanies are available. It has Rs 2000.Dawani,skirt,shawl are included. Kids dawanies are available.They provide customization. You can order through online.

Wholesale section

Full handwork Kurtis are available. Variety kurtis are available at wholesale starts from Rs 395. Georget patterns Kurtis are available. Banarasi fabric Kurt are available. Collar kurtis are available at Rs 495.These all products have affordable prices including GST.HIFI pattern Kurt are available at Rs 425.Neck frill pre Xl size Kurti has Rs 415.


They provide customization to all products. You can follow through Instagram and select customization products. You can order for wedding, engagement, reception, size hand worked Kurtis are available. Teenage balloon tops are available. Designer sarees are available. Designed blouses are available. Sarees and blouses have Rs 8000.casual wear sarees are available.

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