Branded tiles, sanitarywares are available at affordable prices -Alfa traders,Malappuram

Everyone has a dream to make your house at a low cost .Building a house is an expensive thing. Recycling old material is a good way to keep the cost as low as possible. You can build a bar counter indoors, masonry furniture that uses bricks ,stone or cement as an economical idea. It is very durable. You can build outdoor furniture with natural elements. You can use cement flooring instead of stone or ceramic tiles. you can easily maintain and install it. Concrete floors are also decorated with the mosaic tile border to increase the beauty of the house. You can use concrete on walls to give industrial looks to the rooms.

It is a very affordable option .You can use exposed brick finish.It adds a warmth atmosphere. It reduces the cost of plastering and painting the walls. You can use recycled wood planks and beams to lower the cost of a house. Ready-made concrete blocks are a low cost alternative option. Exposed pipes and features are common features of modern houses. you can easily identify and fix leaks. You can save expenses involved in plastering to cover them. you can use recycled materials, convert old wood into the sofa frame.professionals consider laminating flooring. It is easy to maintain and it can act as superior to stone .It is resistant to scratches and enhances the beauty of home.

If you are looking for low budget home plans you can start the construction of your home easily. It is the most effective low cost house construction method. You can select hollow concrete blocks for the load bearing walls. There are various low cost house construction methods available in Kerala. For construction of a house within the lowest cost without compromising on the quality of construction it will be wise to emphasize on load bearing structure. It needs a lesser volume of construction material. Commonly the foundation depth stands to 3 to 4 feet. You can restrict it to half the usual depth and reduce the overall construction cost. You can selecto hollow concrete blocks for the load bearing walls.

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