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    Tiles are thin, square or rectangular coverings made from hard wearing materials such as ceramic ,stone ,metal ,backed clay or glass. It is fixed in roofs, floors, edges or table tops. Tiles are commonly used to form wall and floor coverings. It can range from simple square tiles to mosaic. Thinner tiles can be used on walls. Roof tiles are designed to keep out rain and heat. Ceramic tiles may be painted and glazed. Floor tiles are typically set into mortar . Natural stone tiles have less uniform colour and pattern and it requires more planning for use and installation. Polished granite ,marble, and travertine are very slippery when wet. Ceramic tiles for use in wet areas can be made more slip resistant.

    Tiles protect surfaces for areas of your home. Integrating an atmosphere which is odd to the look and feel of the living space. Most of the people select ceramic tiles for their homes. Ceramic tiles are resistant to impact stain ,force and water absorption. It is an easy and cost effective way to update any space. Tiles setting the look and feel of the house. Tiles are suitable for every room in the house. There are different types of options available. You can select tiles from different colors, patterns and styles. You can easily and cost effectively install tiles to the house. Tiles are simple to keep clean. It makes style flooring a fantastic option for bathroom and kitchen.

    Tile flooring has low maintenance and you do not need to spend a lot of time or money. You can regularly sweep and mop your tile flooring. You can use tiles for high traffic areas. It is the most durable flooring option. Vast variety of tiles are available in the market. Stone tiles last a very long time and you can recycle them.

    Tiles play an important role in interior design, setting look and feel.Tiles are used to create desired ambience. Ceramic tiles are recommended for bathrooms. Non porous and slip resistant tiles are perfect for bathrooms .Tile is resilient when it comes to staining and wear.ceramic tiles are very cost effective. Ceramic tiles have a glazed protective layer on their surface. 

    Porcelain and Ceramic floor tiles are easy to keep clean.Floor tiles are manufactured to be harder .It can be made from a variety of materials. Tiles are affordable.  The starting price of the tile is Rs 25.Depending on specific needs,you could pick the most suitable one.

    Ceramic tiles are ideal choice for kitchen.variety patterns in tile flooring can create a variety of decorative effects on your home,you can select the best tile for your home. Tile flooring has increased in demand mainly because it has resilience and adaptability. You can mix and  match the different colours randomly for a different look.

    We can see a place where we get quality tiles at low us in Alfa traders,Malappuram. You can purchase all tile and sanitary materials from here.They provide free delivery to 50 km surroundings. Standard to premium sections are available. Branded, semi brand ,low brand tiles are available. All products have Service Guarantee.

Standard offer Tiles 

All types of tiles are available.  It has minute problems. They replaced the tiles.Different models are available. 2×2,2×4,1600×800,1 m×1m, 4×4, 6×4, available. These tiles start from Rs can purchase tiles at lowest price. Different models are available. 2×4 tiles are available at glossy,High glossy,MAT,etc. Small quantities start at Rs 33. large quantities start at Rs 39.2×2 model tiles are available.  Leading brand second tiles are available. It starts from Rs 28 to 33. 4×4 tiles start at Rs 43 including GST .1600×800 size tiles cost Rs 35 to 46.All models,colors are available. 


Different types of combo offers are available. New model closet is also has a 10 year body guarantee and 2 year inner guarantee. Cera brand combo offer available. It has a 10 year full warranty basin. Cerra curly model closet available.  Branded and unbranded Sanitarywares are available. 

Branded tiles

Kajaria branded tiles are can purchase at reasonable prices.variety models are available.  Wooden tiles available at Rs 80. 800×1200 tiles are available. 


All brands are available. They have their own brand latrix. It has full guarantee. ½ kg,1kg,2kg, 5kg,latrix adhesive, available. 

Semi brand tap and accessories 

Different types are available.  Hand made SS sinks are available.  They have 20 designs. Different sizes are available. 

RAK studio

Different design,models are available.cera studios are available. 

Sunheart Designs

Different types of Italian designs are available. 8× 4 sizes are available.  It starts from Rs 110.High quality products are available. 

Semi brand tiles  

4×2 starts from Rs 42.Different types of tiles are available. 

Somany tiles 

Different color,  design tiles are available.  Full body tiles are here.4×2  sizes are available. 

Cladding stones

Different types of Cladding stones are available. 

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