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    Men have been obsessed with shoes and are constantly looking for new trends and designs to update their shoe collection. You can select a huge collection of stylish shoes online at affordable prices. Shoe is intended to protect and comfort the human can wear it with socks. Shoes are used as an item of decoration and fashion. The designs of shoes have varied from culture to culture, contemporary foot wears are widely in style. 

     High fashion shoes are made by famous designers made of expensive materials. Shoes have been made from wood, leather  or canvas.there are mainly different types of shoes available in the market. Boots are designed for work. Athletic shoes are designed for running, walking, etc.some shoes are designed to be worn for special occasions. Orthopaedics shoes are designed for individuals with particular foot problems. 

    Shoes help to heal the feet and provide support and stability. Properly fitting shoes can help align your feet, knees, angles to correct your prevent foot problems. Prolonged lack of proper foot support can cause arches to collapse. It may cause joint pain. Angles ,knees, and hip joints are affected by bad shoes.

    Wearing shoes protects you from germs. You have a better grip. Our feet carry the weight of our body throughout the day so you should select quality shoes. The quality of shoes is mainly defined by the material. Leather is a good material. It is a natural and breathable helps the feet to breathe and regulate moisture . It reduces the proliferation of bacteria and eliminates foot odour.

     Quality shoes avoid discomfort. We must protect our feet using a shoe with high quality material. Good quality shows last for many more years. You should keep your shoes clean ,hydrated and Protected. Do not use high heels.

     We can see a place where we get quality branded shoes at half price. It is in a factory outlet, kakkanad,kochi. You can purchase  shoes, apparels and accessories. You will get a 40 to 60%  discount for shoes. These products are from showrooms after shelf life.These are oxygen products. It is a one year back product. More than 60 products are available here. Adidas,Timberland brand products are available here. Timberland shoes cost Rs 14,000. You will get it at Rs 7000. 

They purchase it from an online clearance sale. 

     Clark’s brand shoes are available at Rs 2300. a variety of formal shoes are available. Bugatti brands are available. It has Rs 1800.formal shoes are available and it has always normal designs. Id brand has Rs 1500.All products are factory products. All brands have uniqueness. Adidas has an article number and serial number. In the original product  last two digit numbers are different. But the last two digits are the same.

     Nike products have QR can scan and see the details of the product.In original product has no other sizes. Casual shoes are available.  Cruestreet brand has Rs 1100.woodland brands are available.variety design branded shoes are available.Trucking shoes woodland has Rs 2400.Evergreen designs are available. They update the stocks from online. Woodland has Rs 2800.

    They provide service warranty .Variety designs are available. Pure leather products are available.  Nike sport shoe available at Rs is fully flexible. You can use it in workouts.skechers available at Rs 3300.

    Different types of shirts, jeans ,shorts available. All are brand products. T share available Rs 600. Dresses will get a 50% discount. 

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