Branded shoes, dresses at 50 % discount  in kerala


      Most people buy things according  to the price of the products. Pricing is an important element of marketing. It is an important  decision making aspect. There is different pricing for different products  help to save money by avoiding  paying  interest.Its a good idea for everyone to have a budget and be aware of spending. 

    We can buy high quality  products  at affordable  prices. Price doesn’t determine the quality  of products. You can buy products at a giveaway price.They are buying  directly  from manufacturers,  so the price will be lower than the distributor. You can visit different  shops online and offline  and compare the prices of products. 

      We can see a place where we get all branded at 50 % discount.  It is in factory outlets,kakkanad, padamugal,kochi. Everyone always prefers  branded items. But branded items are expensive.  But we can buy branded  products  at 50% discount. All branded materials  are available  here. Dresses and shoes are also here. 

      These all products  are 100% original.These are not current articles, these are one year back these products  have 50% discount. All world famous branded materials  are available  here. Cross branded shoes are here, It has a 30% discount. 

      All branded materials  have a 50% discount. We can buy Chapels,sandals, sports shoes, casual shoes,formal shoes, boots,garments,shirts, jeans, jerseys,wallets, perfumes,  ladies bags,trucking bags, watches,t-shirts, belts, purses etc at a 50% discount. All items are light weighted, comfort,and variety  models. All branded materials  have a  QR code. We can search and list the product  from the company can see the originality of these products.15 inch shoes are here

        Latest dress materials  are here.All branded shirts , t-shirts are here. Between every 6 months 70% to 80 % discount  clearance  sale is here. We will get a special  discount  from here. There are a lot of variety  items here. You can contact their whatsapp number. They have branches in coimbatore,  Bangalore,malappuram,etc.

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Factory outlet


Padamugal,opp.bharat petrol pump,kochi, kerala



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