Branded Sanitary wares, bathroom fittings at wholesale price


       Sanitarywares are ceramic plumbing fixtures. Sanitary ware products include faucets,tiles, shower products, kitchen sinks ,etc.everyone wants to buy top quality sanitary ware closet,basins.And prefer variety designed and functionality. Important Bathroom fittings are toilet seat,roll holder,shower curtains soap dispenser,basin,etc.Bathroom fittings are the things that are fitted in to the main part of room.These are permanent elements either plumbed or wired .Toilet seats are made using thermoset, hard-wearing, durable materials that resistant to stains.Bathroom fittings cover a number of different furnitures from mirror cabinets to wall cabinets. 


       Everyone chooses tiles for flooring. Certified tiles are the best option . It is durable. You can select ceramic tiles for walls.Popular tile brands are Kajaria tiles,somany tiles,ceramic, Johnson,etc. There are ceramic tiles,vitrified tiles,porcelain tiles quartz,stones ,glass tiles are available in the markets.Tiles are available in different sizes.large format sizes are more spacious look to reduces cutting of the tiles and shortage.gloss tiles are good for should select light colors of tiles for flooring. Always purchase 10%more tiles.Tiles with less water absorption have .Ingersoll life.


     All materials are getting from one shop.All sanitary wares like closets, showers,wash basins,sink,etc are available here.It is in krishna marbles,NH bypass,vennala,ernakulam. We can buy sanitary items at wholesale prices.we will get the latest design materials. Variety items are grades tanks are also available. 4 brands of stainless steel water tanks are here. These are branded materials. TRA branded tank has 1mm thickness courien sheet,304 grade,no rust.


      They handle 15 branded company materials. Texaro natural wash basins are here. Natural marble,teak wood,courien sheet, crystal wash basins are available. It started from Rs 8500. The crystal wash basin has Rs 9500.It has a 7 years replacement warranty. Corian basins are light weighted,bacteria free basins.


       Teak finished wash basin has Rs 8000.Touch mirrors are available. If we touch it,3 colours are seen.It has Rs 5000. It has a 2 years warranty. They used Cisca LEDs.These are water free materials. New model cera wash basin has Rs 7000.clearence stocks are available. Variety designs of wash basins are starts from Rs 


          Handmade kitchen sinks are available.  3 varieties are available. It has a 10 year replacement. It starts from Rs 3000.These all are branded company materials. These are sound free,lasting materials. We will get all materials at wholesale price.They provide services also.


         25 company closets are here.These closets start at Rs 5,000.It has 2 year replacement warranty  and seat cover replacement. Integrated model closets are colored closets are available. It has Rs 10,000.Latest bathroom fittings are available. Corner shelf has Rs 550.It has 5 year warranty. 


        Variety showers are available. It starts from Rs has a 5 year warranty.  a 10 inch shower costs Rs 600. Different types of taps, kitchen sink single mixers are available at Rs 3500. It has a 12 year on-site Warranty, soap dishes are available. It has a 5 year replacement  Warranty. It has Rs 280.Towel hanger has Rs 580.Different types of mirrors are available.  It starts from Rs 580. It also has a 5 year replacement warranty. Pressure adjustable hand showers are available. 


        Kitchen electric chimneys are available. It has Rs 42, has intelligent auto clean facilities. We will get it combo offer.Hindware hob starts at Rs 34999.4 burners starts at Rs 18,000.concealed bathroom tanks are available at Rs 6000.Diverters are available here.Bathroom pre-set designs are 

available here.


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