Branded quality tiles can directly purchase at Rs 20 

      Tiles are thin ,square ,rectangular covering manufactured from hard wearing materials like stone, ceramic, metal,stone ,etc.we can use tiles to cover roofs,walls,floors,tabletops, is mainly used to form floor and wall coverings can range from simple to complex tiles. These are made of ceramic,vitrified tiles. Floor tiles are commonly made of ceramic or stone .Ceramic  tiles may be glazed or painted. Floor tiles are set into mortar consisting of sand,cement, latex additives.

         The spaces are filled with sanded or unwanted floor grout .Natural stones tiles are also available. It is less uniform in color and pattern. But produced stone tiles are uniform in width and length. Granite tiles are sawn on both sides ,polished on the top surface. Variations in the tile thickness are handled by adjusting the amount of mortar under tile by using grout lines ramp between different  thickness .

         Polished granite marbles are slippery when wet.stone tiles with split surfaces such as slate  will be more slip resistant. The hardness of natural stone tiles varies. Natural stone tiles can be stained by spilled liquids. Rubber floor tiles have a variety of uses in residential and commercial  settings. It is used in the flooring of garage,workshops, swimming pool decks,sport courts,gyms and dance floors.

        Ceramic tiles are cheapest and affordable to install. Natural stone can be more expensive. There are plenty of tile options to choose from in the market. The most popular tile brands in our market are Somany ceramics, Kajaria tiles, Nitco, Johnson tiles and Asian granite. Each of the brands has a lot of options in different categories. The price of various types of floor tiles varies based on quality and finishing of the tiles. Ceramic tiles are the best tiles for flooring. They are low maintenance and easy to clean.Porcelain tiles are not cheap as ceramic tiles. Vitrified tiles are marginally more expensive than ceramic and porcelain tiles.

        We can see a place where we get tiles at low prices. It is sahasra tiles, Chandra nagar,chittoor road, palakkad . you will get quality tiles at Rs 20.Different types of tiles are available  here. 4×2 vitrified digital tiles are available here.Crystal company tiles are available. Slip resistant, waterproof  tiles are available.  We can use these types of tiles in bathrooms. It is manufactured  in high temperatures. 

         We can use it in the work area, kitchen steps, bathrooms, etc. we can buy tiles at Rs 20 from here.Granites are also available  here. These were purchased from the quarry. They do not mix epoxy colors. These are natural granites. It has a natural  color. You will get digital  tiles from here. We can buy high quality tiles. High quality handmade wash basins are available.  Single model closets are available  here. It has a 15 year warranty. Middle class families have purchased quality  tiles from here at a low price. 

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Sahasra tiles ,granites,sanitaries

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