Branded quality tiles at low cost in kollam 


      Tiles are square,rectangular,thin covering made from hard wearing materials like stone, ceramic, metal , is a very essential part of a house. It increases the beauty of the house.we can fix it in roofs,floors,walls,table tops,etc.It can range from simple square tiles to mosaics.Tiles are made with ceramic tiles,glazed tiles are used for internal uses and unglazed tiles are used for roofing. Thinner tiles are used on walls .We can use decorative tile work.we can easily maintain the tiles,tiles are water resistant, durable, cost effective. If you want to get tile flooring, you should consider the advantages of tiling.Most of the people love it the most. We can easily maintain it.

        If any dirt,stain,liquids top off the tile ,it won’t be absorbed.we can easily  mop it. We can vacuum it with a soft brush to get loose debris and dirt off the tile.most of the people select Ceramic tiles in their bathrooms and kitchen. It is resistant to water.It resists temperatures with high humidity. Tiles are durable, it can last up to 20 is very affordable for most people. Tile flooring can add value to your property. Standard floor tiles range from 2 inches wide to foot and half.The size of a common tile is 12”×12”, 18”×18”, and 12″×24.

      With tiling becoming increasingly popular, a wide range of products are available. Natural look tiles are marble tiles,cement tiles,granite should select what tile you can select vitrified tiles. Vitrified tiles are more durable, easy to maintain, etc.ceramic and porcelain tiles can work as floor can work well enough for walls.Tiles are available at many should select right color combinations. Light colors are more popular. It helps to get a good look.

       You can select various colours and designs of tiles.It helps to increase the beauty of your house.But tiles are expensive. But we can see a place where we get quality tiles at low cost. It is in labqi tiles world,kottiyam,kollam. We can buy variety tiles at affordable rates.You can buy new trend pattern casa brand wall tiles at low cost.we will get different designs of 15×10 size tiles here.we will get matching floor tiles at Rs 26.Its size is 1×1.Rs 30 range tiles are also available. 

      You can select the tiles of your own choice. You can buy 18×12 size tiles at Rs can buy 2/1 size tiles at Rs can buy old and new trend tiles from can buy 18×12 size vitrified tiles at Rs 58,ceramic tiles at Rs 48 from can select mat glossy tiles from here. It has Rs 32.12×8 size and 8mm thickness tiles is Rs 38.

      You can buy Natural wood finishing 1200 size at Rs 80. Natural satin,rustic finish tiles are also available. We can use it in floor wall cladding. Bathroom tiles are also available at a low can buy 2/1 size x type tiles are available at Rs 42.salix brand tiles are also available has Rs 36.Double charge tiles are here at low can select premium shades at Rs 80.

       Cost effective durable double charge tiles are available at Rs 78/square feet.Granite type tiles are also available. It has Rs 110. We can use it in commercial spaces.Digital print vitrified tiles are available here.4×2 size tiles are available at Rs 32.Full body size superwhite tiles are available at Rs granite slabs are available at Rs 45.

      We can buy tiles at economical  rage.we can buy trending strip pattern 15×10 tiles at low price.  It has Rs 26.floor tiles has Rs 30.Different types of kitchen tiles are available. 15×10,18×12,2/1  tiles are available. 15×10 tiles has Rs 26,18×12 has Rs 32,2/1 has Rs 38.

       Different patterns of kitchen tiles are available. You will get a discount on these tiles.Depth cladding tiles are available.  Vitrified cladding stones have Rs 48.ceramic tiles have Rs 42.mat and glossy tiles are available here.15×10 elevation glossy type tiles are available has 3D has Rs 28.

       Wooden tiles 1200×200mm have Rs 80.Different types of Bathroom tiles are available. It has Rs 36.Mat and glossy bathroom tiles are available. It has Rs 38.salyx brand has Rs 36. Different designs are available. Somania brand tiles are available. It has Rs 52. 

        Variety of floor tiles are available  here.light to dark shades are available. Premium shade floor tiles are available. Double charge tiles cost Rs 58. Double charge tiles have durability, less scratching.It is an advisable product. Full body tiles cost Rs 78/square feet.

        Vitrified digital printing tiles are available. It has Rs 48. Samaria trending designs are available. Good mark series are also available here.Rotoprint tiles are 2×2 tiles has Rs 32.Nano screen printing tiles has Rs 30. High gloss tiles are available.  Its glossing is above 80%.Black,nano white full body size tiles are available. It has Rs 225/square feet. Wash basin glass tiles have Rs 750.Granite cut pieces are available. We can see a huge collection of it. 20 mm thickness granite has Rs 130/square feet. Granite slabs are available. 

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