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       Power Tools are actuated by additional power source and mechanism than manual labour used with hand tools. Commonly electric motors are the common type of power tools. Steam engines, direct burning of fuels and propellants are other power sources. Power Tools are used in industry in construction, house work tasks like  cooking , cleaning, in the garden, driving, drilling ,cutting ,sanding, grinding, shaping, painting ,polishing ,heating, routing etc. 

      Power Tools are classified as stationary or portable. portable Power Tools are hand held materials . It has obvious advantages in mobility. Stationery Power Tools for advantages in speed and precision. Typical table saw used for cuts faster than regular hand saw. It cuts smoothly straightly and is more square than a hand held power saw. Stationery power tools used for metalworking known as machine tools. It is used for woodworking drill processes and Bench grinders.

     Most commonly used power tools are hammer drill,reciprocating saws, power drills, circular saws,rotary hammer, cordless Power Tools, drill drivers etc. There are many types of power tools available in the market. Several of them have specific designs to fill particular needs. Power tools are used literally everywhere in homes, apartments ,professional job sites ,builders etc.

Importance of power tools 

  • Power Tools can carry out more specialised tasks and work with a variety of materials.
  • It has steadfast consistency.
  • It produces highly accurate results.
  • It performs the same function of hand tools with more efficiency and less effort.
  • Power Tools can perform task that are impossible for hand tools to complete
  • Power Tools have a range of adjustable settings to enable better control for several tasks.
  • Electric power tools produce better results than hand towards.
  • Power Tools included features that reduce human errors.
  • Power Tools help to make a straight cut in a length of wood at the right angle. 

        We can see a place where we get all types of power tools at affordable prices. Many people want good quality  power tools. But its cost is overwhelming. Here an introduction to a shop where you will get al, power tools at low prices. They are wholesale dealers. A lot of stocks are available. They have a stockyard. All materials are branded items.gaocheng,ingco branded materials are available. They provide all materials at special prices.They have a display center. 

Location of the shop

Falcor commercial private limited(wholesale dealer)



What kind of power tools are available in this shop

  • Car washers

          33  collections of car washers are available here.17 brands are available.gaocheng, ingco, total brands are available Total is a heavy brand.  They provide 1year replacement warranty and full service warranty. .Different models are available. It starts at Rs 3000 to 37,000.3 varieties of car washers are available in gaocheng brand.industrial and home usage car washers are available. Professional car washers are available.  XL4,XL 5 types are available. Simple Portable model car washers are available 

  • Chains saw

     11 brands of chains are available. Powertuff, Cynthia,max brands are available. It starts from Rs 4000.Different models are available. Whole saw and retail products have different  prices. Power tuff model has 3 different  cc materials available,  Regular work, continuous work chainsaws are available. They have a separate showroom for total brand materials. Al, hand tools, Jacky are available here.cutting wheels,ranges are available here.Different types of hand tools are available here.They provide discount prices. Rotary hammers are available. Chitti robot cleans the floor well. Variety models are available .All safety materials are available. Battery type grass cutter available. All materials have a 1 year warranty. 

Total brands Materials 

  • Marble cutter
  • Blower
  • Pump
  • Sprayer
  • Demolition breaker
  • Hammer
  • Heat gun
  • Petrol car washer
  • Electrical car washer
  • Small car washers 
  • Tiles cutter
  • Chitty robo 
  • Painting brush
  • Multimeter
  • Measuring tapes
  • Sheet cutter
  • Home tools
  • Locks
  • Screw drivers
  • Gloves
  • Small Welding Machines 
  • 1 to 20 ton jacky
  • Aluminium cutters

       It is used to cut the aluminum. These all are miter saw materials. Different  branded materials are here. It starts from Rs 4900.Gaocheng DCK,DCA, available. 

Geocheng materials 

  • Drill,Polisher ,Impact drill,Jig saw,Screwdriver,Heat gun are available. 

Ingco materials 

  • Drill,spray gun,angle grinder,wood router,rotary hammer available. 

     Variety items are available in each model .Heavy, lightweight machines are available. Ms,so,cut off materials are available. DCK brands are available here. All items of all brands are here.variety brush cutters are available. It starts from Rs 4700.Trolley type brush cutters are available. It has Rs 6800.Agricultural sprayer is available.  Battery and manual machines are available. 

     They provide these materials as an offer for 2 months. Earth auger materials are available. All types of welding materials are available.  Mig welding Materials are here. It starts at Rs 3300.


Falcon commercial pvt limited 





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