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        Smart Televisions are digital Televisions that can be connected to the internet. LED televisions are a more energy efficient product. It uses light emitting diodes for back lighting.It consumes less power than cathode fluorescent can save upto 30% power.our market has different types of Televisions. They have unique features. LED and LCD Televisions are most common in the market. You should understand the difference between Televisions. LED televisions are semiconductive material that emits light each time .LCD means Liquid crystal display. The Televisions used to project visuals on screen. 

      LED Televisions have thinner screens with sharp edges.An LED TV backlight has two ways.They are full array lighting  and edge lighting. LED TV uses light guides to project pictures on the screen. LED TVs have dimming ,backlighting systems. It provides projections more defined, authentic and closer to reality. 

      LED televisions  have superior black provides dynamic  contrast mechanism. It has more defined color precision. It offers you better clarity at viewing  angles.price of LED TV is higher.The price will increase in screen size and technology. It can perfectly fit your space. 

       Most common type of edge LED TV spreads light uniformly behind the screen.The distance at which you sit to view the TV and the number of people viewing the TV at once determine the ideal size of a television. Divide the viewing distances by 1.6 you will get the ideal TV size of your room.

      LED TVs have good picture quality. It contains modular light emitting diodes and it produces better control over the contrast and gives a clear picture. LED televisions will certainly add comfort in watching television. This type of television uses a fairly small amount of electricity. It is the most energy efficient television. It is claimed to use 50% less power. It is a very thin and lightweight material. We can easily carry it. It uses backlight Technology. So there is no need to use large designs.

     The thickness of an LED TV is about 25 mm. It is a more durable and long lasting product. The lifetime of LED TV can reach 75000 hours. It is environmentally friendly television. It emits light radiation lower than others. When you watch television you will not get tired easily because it generates minimal radiation. 

       LED television has many other additional features. You can watch TV using external storage like HDD and share screens from mobile phones. You can pinned  HDMI or USB ports for other purposes. The maintenance of LED televisions is very easy. You can adjust the screen brightness enough. 

     We can see a place where we get LED TV at affordable rates.It is in sai dusasha,Chennai. It is a factory can buy LED TV from here at low prices. You can start a franchise  also. They provide materials like parcels to all districts in Kerala.

     We can see how to manufacture televisions. First they make the base of a television. There is a line up for it. Then connect a backlight to the base.Then screw it. They provide  wiring to it.Then attach a light reflected sheet to it. Then check the light ,drill and screw the reflected  sheet to the base.

    They attach a diffuser plate and film to it.They attach inner benser or frame to it.These all are locked.Then fit  display to it. First they fit a rubber sheet to it.Then they fit a benzer or frame .Then they fit the motherboard,teaken board. Teakan board supported the mother board using LBDS board.

     Speaker, button, lens, sensor are connected  to the back cover of the Television.speaker solder in the back cover according to watts of the television. Close the TV with back cover and do the software checking.Then install android to it. After completion of software we can do it. You can see all the details  of this television. 

     You can select language, country,time, home, wifi set up. You can stream all online applications  to it. It has AV, HDMI inputs.Then pack the Televisions. You can buy this television at factory price. Television  starts at Rs 3000. There is a place for display.  17 inches to 85 inches televisions are here,

     Different  sizes of televisions are here.17 inch television  has Rs 3000.19 inch television  has Rs 3600. 22 inch television has Rs 5300. 24 inch television  has Rs 6000.32 inch normal television  has Rs 7500.These televisions are full HD Televisions. They use a 30 watts speaker. 32 smart televisions frame models have Rs 8600. 32 smart frame sound bar televisions have Rs 9500. They provide discounts 3 to 5% to it. It has 1GB RAM, 8 GB internal memory. You can download important  details. 

      40 inch television has Rs 12,000 without soundboard. 43 inch television  Rs 17000 with sound bar. It is frame-less television. These all are quality products. You can buy it at affordable rates. They have a branch in Coimbatore.They provide  courier service. 65 inch television has Rs 55000.Above 50 televisions are 4K televisions. They are OLED panel televisions.  You will get clear clarity. You will get a 7% discount. 

       50,55 inch Televisions are available here. They are front speaker systems.50 inch Frame model has Rs 25,000.frameless model has Rs 27,000.  These products  have a 6 month full warranty, 3 year technical  warranty. 75 inch television has Rs 87,000. You will get a 7% discount. Sound bars, stabilizers, induction, gas stoves are available.  Automatic gas stoves have Rs 1200. Stabilizers have Rs 1100.

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