Branded kurtis starting at  Rs 55 in  surat


     Clothes are a very  important thing in our life. It is used to cover our body and keep us warm and comfortable.  It can insulate against cold and hot climates.  It is a hygienic barrier. It protects us from injuries and discomfort.  It provides protection  from ultraviolet  radiation. 

      Today we can see a place where we get quality  materials  at low cost.we can buy Kurtis at Rs 55. These are good quality  materials. We will get a variety  of designs from Kurt’s here.

      We can purchase  materials  through whatsapp. This shop is near Surat railway  station.surat is the silk city of India.  This shop is Ajmeera fashion,Raghukul textile market, Ring road, surat.

      We can buy all materials  wholesale only. We will get mens items, ladies items and kids wear from here. 22 counters here.Today we can see Kurt’s section. More than 1000 models of Kurtis here. Its price starts  from Rs 55. 

      We can see masline, rayon,cotton ,khadi fabrics here. All size materials  are here.Fancy items are also available. We can buy wholesale only. One bag Contains  8 pieces/10 pieces/6 pieces  of kurtis.

        We can purchase and sell it. We can buy 50 kg of different materials and sell it. It is a good business . Wecan take a screenshot and send it to whatsapp and we will get a price tag. 

       We can buy an umbrella  kurtis here. We will get different  pattern kurtis, simple kurtis ,embroidery types here.we can buy leggins,Pallas, shorts  at Rs 55.

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