Branded Kids wears at low price in kochi 

      Dresses are a very important component in our life.It is made of fabrics or textiles.It is made from animal skin or thin sheets of materials,and natural products. The type of clothing worn depends on gender,body types,geographic  considerations  and society.clothes saves us from rough surfaces,rash causing plants,insect bites ,etc.It can insulate against hot or cold conditions. It provides protection from ultraviolet rays also.wearing cloth is a variable social norm.

       Kids’ clothes are very important. It keeps the child warm and protects from the insulates against weather and keeps infectious, toxic materials away from the body.It affects the development of their independence and self help skills.Comfortable clothing allow absorption and ventilation. It helps body moisture to evaporate easily.Cotton clothes are comfortable for small children. When designing  children’s wear,you should consider fabric choices, fastenings,fit and ease and trimmings. You should  focus on the changing shape of a growing should  select neat and clean clothes.clothes should  have proper fitting  for special  needs children. It attracts the minds of children. 

    Clothes protect,cover feel attractive, help us to move around in comfort. It brings confidence, reflects the personality of a person. It helps to survive harsh weather conditions. If the child dresses inappropriately, it can affect his participation in some of the activities. Children being clothed appropriately enables them to play without risk of sunburn .When selecting your kids clothing you should consider safety and comfort. You should think about shopping for different ages as there are different requirements associated with each stage of kids development. 

       We can see a place where we get kids to wear at low cost.It is in born items to 15 years old children’s dresses are is a wholesale shop.childrens shirt has Rs 120.Quality materials  are here.we can select variety dresses from here. It is in Rajalekshmi collection, ernakulam. All items of children  available here.

      Variety  models of dresses here.They collect dresses from Gujarat,surat,ahmedabad, Kolkata, indoor and sell them in kochi.All items are available size dresses are available.  We can buy it for new born frocks are available  from Rs 85 to 350.we can buy materials from here and start a business. Kids frocks are available. 

      A lot of models are here. We can contact them through whatsapp number.  They provide all models through it.we can see daily updates. You can directly go there and see the collections. Kids western frocks are available.wrinkle rayon frocks are available. You can buy wholesale only.

      Attractive frocks are available at low cost.12 colours are available.  Party wear dresses are available.Pure cotton dresses are available.  It has Rs 165.banyan cotton mixed frocks are available. Jeans frocks are available.  They provide color guarantee to all materials. 

      You will get good profit  from this business.  There are above 10,000 designs of frocks. You will get a bundle, box of frocks. Girls party wear is available. It starts from Rs 500 to 1000.Different colours are also available .Net frocks, silky Satter frocks are available.  Above 5000 models are available here.

        Kids western frocks,Mumbai frocks,Ramzan special gowns are available  here.22 to 32 size frocks are available.  Standard  fabric, net frocks are available.  Its range varies from Rs  200 to 600.Designer gowns are available.  It has Rs 800.printed gowns ,handwork gowns are available. It has Rs 850.Delhi tops are available  here.

     You can start by showing these materials. It makes a good profit  from it. Net dupatta are also available.  It starts from Rs 25.varanasi silk dupatta, jute dupatta, cotton dupatta,boutique dupatta are available.  Glass finished dupatta are available. 

       Boys shirts start from Rs 120.All sizes are available. T shirts start from Rs 100 to 500.color t shirts are available. Quality  jeans are available here.cargo type jeans ,elastic  trousers are available here.Jeans start from Rs 190 to 500. They give color guarantees. Ladies’ jeans are available. You can start a Kids shop.small baby suits are available. Sharwanise are available  here.

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Rajalekshmi collections 

Goals Prabhu Rd,opposite nainas

Cloth Bazar,Shenoys, ernakulam 




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