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Roofing tiles are the latest home improvement trends. Roof tiles are commonly used in houses, building structures located in high rainfall can purchase quality roof tiles ast affordable rates. Roof tiles are made from slate or terracotta materials. Concrete, plastic, metal roof tiles are available in the market.Roof tiles are hung from roof by fixing with can be used to provide protective weather envelopes to the side of timber frameworks.slate roof tiles are also available in the market. These tiles are thin tiles when the slate was split into natural layers.

Clay roofing tiles

Clay roofing tiles are the oldest proven method of roofing. These tiles are very popular. These tiles are locally available products.clay tiles are otherwise known as ceramic tiles. These tiles are a veritable masterpiece of combined elegance.clay roof tiles are manufactured using the same method like bricks.clay used for roof tile manufacturing should be highly plastic. Clay Roof tiles are manufactured from clays burning at 1300°c. Admixtures masy be used.It maintains high status in the industry. It offers a wide range of advantages.

Roofing tiles are highly durable. It has high abrasion resistance. It has a good aesthetic appearance. It has sound resistance, no color fading. These tiles are environmentally friendly and we can recycle them. It helps to get a cooler house in the summer season and a warmer house in the winter season. Different patterns of clay roofs are available in the market.plain tiling, spanish tiling,italian tiling,ridge tiling, hip tiling patterns are used for roof tiling.Clay reduces heat retention.Now innovative technology is being developed, manufacturers are creating stronger, reliable clay tiles.

Advantages of quality clay roofing tiles

High durability. It last for up to 150 years.
Accurate size and shape
Uniform texture
Free from crack and flaws
Water absorption less than 15%.
Extremely heavy material. So you should install it with care.
It will need substantial reinforcement.
Regular maintenance needed.
It takes a long time to heat.
Reduce the heat inside the home.
It has a longer lifespan than others.
It requires less maintenance.
Weather resistance.
Clay roofing tiles have waterproofing membranes.
These tiles do nor rot.
Insect resistant
Highly appealing look.

We can see a place where we get imported roofing tiles at an affordable price. These are European made clay tiles.we will get different designs of roofing tiles. It is in Edappal. All are quality materials. These tiles has less than 5% water absorption. We can wash it well. Trending models are available. Roman pattern clay roofing tiles are available.These tiles are baked in 2000 °. Kebe brand designs are available.It has heat resistance.These tiles have Rs 150 / piece.Al materials have sandle pigmentation.

Kebe brand -Greece

It has less than 5% water absorption
We can wash it well.
Do not affect fire or heat
These tiles hass Rs 150/ piece

Novel series – Greece

It is a lengthy and bent material.
It costs Rs 180/piece

Medetarian series – Kebe brand

It is a bended roof tile
It is premium material
It costs Rs 190

Glossy finish roofing material available. It has Rs 140/piece.
Mesalonian series are available.small clay roofing sheets are available. It is from europe. Various clay tile accessories are available. Natural style European made roofing tiles are available.spanish style roofing tiles are here.It hass Rs 200/ piece. Different colors are available.Spanish plane roofing tiles are available.ceramic coating clay tiles are available.These tiles are imported from Brazil. It has Rs 140/piece.Glass tiles are available. It is made in India.

Tettogres brand

It is an American brand roofing tile.
It is good finished material.
It is a ceramic mix clay roofing tile.
It costs Rs110.

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