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       When designing  a home,furniture  choice is very important. You should  know the importance  of furniture styling at home. Furniture  gives complete  design  to your home. If you are buying furniture,  without planning it affects your decorations. But choosing the right furniture improves the beauty  of your house. It is an essential  requirement  of every home. The most important  furniture in our house are the sofa,coffee table,book case,armchair, dining table, desk,wardrobes ,etc.The furniture in the house makes the home more significant  and functional. It also offers the best comfort  for rest. 

      We can see a place  where we can get furniture  at low cost. It is in  kala stores and furniture, near Valiyangadi market,  palakkad.we will get a lot of furniture. We will get up to 20 % discounts. A lot of gliding wardrobes are available.  It starts at Rs 8000.

    New models of wardrobes are available.  It has glass type doors. We can see a variety  of colour wardrobes. It has 2mm edge banding. Atlas premium  quality  wardrobes are available.  It starts at Rs 15,000.Quality 72 inch TV unit is available.  It is made with MDF material. So it has Rs 20,000. It is heavy  material. 

    Dressing tables  are available. We will get a lot of wardrobe collections here. Bedroom sets are available.  It includes a bed, ward robe, dressing table, bed sidebox. A lot of branded  mattresses are available. They are the distributor  of neel Kamal brand. We will get a Neel Kamal brand  mattress at low cost. 

    Premium spring sofas are available. T starts from Rs 16,000 to 50,000.Teak diwan coat has Rs 20,000.Neel Kamal Recliner is also available. CMC cutting chairs are available. Glass dining  tables are available.  It has 12mm thickness.It is started at Rs 20,000.Oval shaped six seater dining  tables are available.Neel Kamal Partition tables are available.  

     Contemporary  chairs are available. Tek Tables started at Rs 13,000.These are forest teak materials.we can buy teak simple Deegan coats at Rs 8000.Imported tables are available. Quality  scratch proof study tables  at Rs 3550.

      Metal wardrobes are here. We can buy a sofa set at Rs 16,000.we will get 1 year warranty.  Premium products  will get a 5 year warranty. Wood printing metal wardrobes has Rs 15,000. We can buy a TV stand at Rs 5500.we will get a variety of items here.Rexin sofa has Rs 29,500.Sofas starts at Rs 6500.

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